Upcycled sneakersAfter months, we finally made another Youtube video and it feels so good! I love working on short stop motion videos. And though, I’m not great at making them, at the moment. I expect that’ll change with time as we work on more tutorials for our channel. For now, let’s talk about the one we’re sharing today!

My sister and I have the same pair of sneakers, one in blue and one in black. We’ve had them for a really long time and so, they’ve gotten kinda dull.  Luckily, in my world, that just means they need to be fixed up or customized. Not chucked out. So, we decided to get our supplies out and upcycle them to look like the night sky!

How to paint sneakers

Time taken: 30 minutes execution time, plus time for them to dry

Budget: Low


  • Canvas sneakers 
  • White fabric paint
  • Dark blue fabric paint
  • Silver  acrylic paint (optional)
  • Toothbrush
  • Scotch / magic tape
  • Newspaper
  • A thick paint brush


For these DIY Sneakers, I wanted to make something basic that looks like sprays of stars across the sky. At the same time, we wanted to make it easy to follow, so that anyone can adapt it in different colours and styles. 

In order to make these DIY custom sneakers, follow the steps shown in the video. It’ll take you through, from start to finish.

You can also: 

  • Add details with silver paint or mix it up with a little bit of light blue to enhance the design on the sneakers. But, try not to cover the dark blue base completely.
  • Or make small stars on the bigger sprays of paint, to highlight the starry effect. For this, you would need to take a thin paint brush and paint directly onto the sneakers.

DIY Night Sky Sneakers

And with that, our DIY Night Sky Custom Sneakers are ready! I enjoyed making these a lot, because not only does the design look great, but I get to keep my old trusty sneakers.

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DIY shoes

Tips for painting sneakers:

  • If you make a mistake while painting on the canvas, that’s completely ok. Acrylic or fabric paint dries quite quickly and you can paint over it.
  • Avoid light colours like white or yellow for the base of the sneakers. You’ll have to paint many layers of paint to cover up the base colour completely.
  • Unless you want a watercolour effect, avoid using water while painting.
  • The colour changes slightly, once the paint has dried.

Do it yourself tutorial on sneakers

DIY Night Sky Sneakers Tutorial

What kind of DIY custom videos would you like to see next? Let me know your suggestions in the comments below!