diy diwali gift ideaOne of my favourite things about Diwali are the gifts that you get (duh, presents always make people happy). Because, let me tell you, Diwali really brings out the creativity in people. And over the years, that trend has been growing more and more. It’s no longer about the hamper that you get in bulk from the market or the set of diyas that can be purchased pre-made. You will invariably want to add a customised touch to your Diwali gift, so that it stands apart.

This doesn’t always mean, that you need to go hunting for a different gift. It can also mean giving a traditional gift, in an innovative manner. Take for instance, the DIY Diwali Gift Idea we’re sharing today! It involves giving dry fruits in a creative manner, using a stacked gifts packing. Here’s how it’s done!

homemade diwali gift ideas


Assorted Gift wrapping paper from the same family (we chose a printed design and matching block colours)
4-5 rectangle boxes (all need to be different sizes)
5 varieties of dry fruits
Golden ribbon
Flower shaped Diyas
Red & Gold paint
Tea light candles
Embellishments (optional)
Dried leaf
Glue Drops

diy stacked gift wrapping

Steps for the DIY Diwali Gift Idea::

Start by packing each kind of dry fruit in plastic bags and placing them in the boxes. You want to place the bulkiest quantity in the biggest box (for dry fruits like kaju) and the smallest quantity in the smallest box (eg: kishmish).

Next, wrap the boxes with the assorted gift wrapping paper. You can do this in any  order you like. I like to place the brightest colour in the middle and the print at the top, like so.

floral gift wrapping idea

Once the gifts are packed, set them off to the side and start work on the diyas. It’s good to do this beforehand, as diyas take some time to dry. We kept it simple and painted them a block red colour. After letting it dry, we added gold embellishments on the petals of the diyas, to give them a glow.

At the same time, we popped two tea lights out of their casing and painted them in gold. These need to be placed in the diyas, once dry.

handmade Diwali Gift ideas

Now that all the pieces are ready, it’s time to put it all together! Start by stacking the boxes by size. If you like, you can add a small strip of glue or tape in the middle of each layer. It helps hold the boxes in place.

Diwali Gift Wrapping Idea

After the boxes have been placed, tie two gold ribbons from box sides, going over the sides of all the boxes. Tie them in a tight knot and curl the ends. Next, using glue drops paste the dried leaf and diyas on the top of the stack.

And that’s it! Your Homemade Diwali Gift is ready to give 🙂

creative homemade diwali giftHow do you like this DIY Diwali Gift Idea? Super easy and practical, isn’t it! Let me know your thoughts in the comments below and if you try it, please take a picture and send it to us! We would love to see your work.