DIY diwali diya ideasIt just struck me, that Diwali is one month away. This thought, makes me happy and anxious, at the same time. Happy because I absolutely love Diwali. It’s one of the most beautiful times of the year. But, the time period upto Diwali can be very stressful, with all the prep to be done. So, this year, I’m getting a head start & pacing myself upto to the 11th of November. And, we started with the basics – 10 minute DIY Diya for Diwali.

PS: For readers who aren’t familiar with Diwali. It’s the Indian festival of Light, where we celebrate the victory of good over evil, and light over darkness. Homes are completely lit up and it’s a wonderful day. You can read up on it, here.

diya decoration and painting material

Budget: Low

Time taken: 10 minutes or less per design


Before you start painting, you should soak the blank diyas in water and leave them to dry for 1-2 hours. This helps hold the paint better.

green diya painting and decoration

Steps for Color Block + Stones Diyas:

This design is extremely simple to make and for good reason. We usually make them in bulk, to be added to gifts, used on the days leading up to Diwali or for holding long candles. Here, are the steps on, how to make them:

  1. Start by painting the diya completely with a block colour like red, orange, gold, silver etc. To get the best possible effect, you can add two coats of paint. This will cover up the cracks and edges showing.
  2. After the paint has dried, spread a layer of glue on the rim of the diya and paste the stones on top of it. It’s better to go slowly, in smaller parts to make them neat.

diya painting

Steps for Double Color Diyas:

I can’t believe, I’ve actually paid for diyas like these in the past. But, I’ve learnt from that experience. You can make them by:

  1. Painting the inside one colour and the outside, a contrasting colour. You can use similar colours like red and orange. But, with a contrasting colour, you get a more eye catching effect.
  2. Next, dip the edge of a toothpick in gold paint, and spread it on the rim. It will be neater and quicker, than painting with a brush. An alternate idea, is to use a gold pen. 

diyas decorated with pearls

Steps for Double Color + Pearl Diyas:

These are my favourites, because they have bright colours and the pearls shine beautifully, when the diyas are lit up. And all you have to do is, buy small sized pearls and paste a thin rim of them, around the rim of a double color diya. 

We pasted them just below the rim, so that the full effect of the pearls can be seen. Without looking cramped together.

decorative diya

In our home, painting diyas together has been a tradition, ever since we were kids. Now, that we’re older, we still paint almost all our diyas and our younger cousins help.It’s such a fun activity to do and it’s simple enough, that anyone can do it. Which design do you like best?

double sided painted diyas

We’re also taking the last of our Diwali orders now, so if you would like to have customised Diyas made and home delivered, contact us asap and let us know, by emailing us at or through this form.

Diwali diyas with decoration

Did this inspire you to try decorating some diyas for Diwali? Let me know in the comments below.