diy egg cup holderDo you guys remember the obsession with sharpie mugs last year? I made a couple of them too. And mine lasted for quite a while. So I was thinking of ways to incorporate the same easy technique onto other things. One of the things, that seemed really simple and great to look at, were Egg Cup Holders! I found these plain porcelain ones online and experimented with markers and I, for one, think they turned out quite well. Let me know what you think!

handmade egg cups

Time taken: depends on how elaborate a design you do. Mine took 5 minutes of drawing time.

Budget: Medium


  • Plain white porcelain egg cup holders
  • Black Sharpie / Permanent Marker
  • Oven

egg holder

For this DIY, I used the simplest XOXO design (Any Gossip Girls Fans out there?). With X’s and O’s scattered over the entire egg cup holders. I also added a line at the bottom of each egg cup to give it some finish. Keeping it really simple. The thing to be careful about is, the finish. You’ll notice the messy edge this egg cup holder has :/ I didn’t notice it in time, and now its there for posterity.

You can choose to make it more elaborate. There’s a world of things to try. But don’t draw on the rim of the cup and inside it. For hygiene reasons.

diy tutorial egg cups

Once the design is ready, place the egg cups in a cold oven and let it heat up to 350 degrees. Let it bake on the temperature for 30 minutes, before switching the oven off.  Let the cups cool inside the over. Next, take them out of the oven and let them sit at room temperature for a bit, before washing them to see if the colour stays.

Sharpie Egg Cup

To be completely upfront, I have read a lot of posts about sharpie DIYs that haven’t worked out. And, I’ve been thinking about why that could happen. Here are some things to know:

  1. The quality of porcelain can make a difference: Usually cheap porcelain works the best for these DIYs. So, you don’t want to spend buckets trying to find the best quality. Cheap ones retain the colour far better.
  2. Some colours need two coats: Many times, as is with porcelain painting, you’ll see patches in the colour or a light colour. In that case, add a second coat of colour and bake it once more.
  3. Colours changing: Depending on the temperature used, the colours darken when baked in an oven. 

All of this stems from, the way porcelain painting is done. And surprise surprise, porcelain painting is one of the things I’m trained in. So, if you would like to see tutorials on porcelain painting, leave me a comment below and I’ll make it happen.

simple 5 minute egg cups

How did you like our  DIY egg cup holders? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below or through any of the media links! And, if you make this DIY, don’t forget to tag us. We would love to see the end results!