scrabble standI remember my first Father’s Day gift for my dad was a lopsided Snoopy drawing that I had pasted on a piece of cardboard. I was about 7 at the time, and my dad made me feel like it was the best gift in the world. In fact, I’m sure he’s got it tucked somewhere in his cupboard. From there my fate was set, I wanted to make a handmade present every single year. And this year, I’m going for something he would actually use, a DIY Father’s Day Scrabble Stand!

Why Scrabble, you ask? Well, it just happens to be one of my dad’s favourite games (always manages to fall behind Candy Crush somehow. Sigh). And, so it made sense to make a puzzle which he can not only look at, but use on his desk as well. Here’s how the Scrabble Stand is made.

Handmade Fathers Day gift idea

Time: 1 hour

Budget: Medium


  • Wooden Pen Stand
  • Paint
  • Sponge
  • Scrabble letters
  • Scrabble Board
  • Glue gun / Double sided tape
  • Paper / Quilling Strip / Ribbon

Scrabble DIY Gift

Prepwork: To be honest, it took more time to prepare the puzzle than it did to complete the stand. 

  1. Check how many pieces fit onto your stand width and length wise. Mine could fit four pieces widthwise and five pieces lengthwise.
  2. Make a list of the words you would like to incorporate. For this one, we went with a few of my dad’s favourite things to do or favourite things.
  3. The easiest way to try different combinations is to make the puzzle on a scrabble board. Keeping in mind, that the letters can not be longer than five words lengthwise.

DIY Scrabble Stand

Steps to make a Scrabble Stand:

  1. Start by mixing a little bit of water in your paint and dabbing it all over the sides and rim of your pen stand. To get the marble-y sort of effect, alternate dipping the sponge in paint and water. It will create the texture you’re looking for. Once complete, set it off to the side.
  2. After the sides have dried, you can paint the bottom and inside of the stand, if you like.
  3. Take your prepared scrabble board, and see the biggest word lengthwise from the board. For me, it was father.

Handmade pen stand

4. Apply a straight line of glue and carefully place the letters in a straight line. An easy hack is to place a letter on the edge and place the letter right next to it. This helps make the lines straight.

5. Going word by word, paste the letters all around the stand.

6. For some final finishing, you can paste a thin line of paper or quilling paper around the bottom of the stand.

Steps for making a personalised father's day gift

DIY Father's Day Scrabble Stand TutorialHow do you like our DIY Father’s Day Scrabble Stand? Is it something you would make. Let us know in the comments below, who would you make it for!