DIY Floral Gift wrapping paperAaand I’m back! After 2 weeks of tears, tantrums and textbooks (My exams went well :)) I can finally get back to my normal life. And, what better way to get back to work, than with the things you love best aka paper crafting and gift wrapping. This week, we’re doing another style of pop up DIY floral gift wrapping paper (see more here) and the person who this present was for, loved it! So, I’m betting you’re going to like it too!

This might be a little bit of work for your average gift wrapping. But, I like to think pop up is a very versatile style and you can incorporate it in a ton of ways. Of the top of my head, I can think of wall decor, stationery and cards. However, to make it easier, we’ve made a downloadable version of it.

Pop Up Flowers

Time taken: 1 hour, including the time taken to wrap the gift

Budget: Low


You can make this with any color and I would really recommend mixing it up. We stuck to 3 colours, because the person I made this for, loves these colors. But, you can do whatever colors, you like.

How to make pop up flowers

  1. Start by downloading the PDF, using the template given above. It basically has the parts of each flower, and the order in which they need to be pasted. Once you have the file, select the flowers you want to make and print them out. To make this even easier, print it out directly on the coloured paper. Or you can trace it onto a coloured sheet after printing.
  2. Cut the flower panels and give the petals a dark outline. This helps give the flowers shape, when you paste them together.
  3. Next, taking one flower at a time, paste small bits of tape at the bottom of each petal and cut them according to the outlines. Once all the petals are ready, start with the “1” petal and keep pasting the layers one on top of the other. If you’ve numbered them, erase it before you paste the petal.

For neatness points, make sure the bottom of each petal overlaps the petal directly below it. And, repeat till all 5 flowers are complete.

white floral gift wrapping paper

Now that the flowers are ready, it’s time to apply them. I like to place the flowers  before I stick them. So, I adjusted their placement on a pre-wrapped gift and stuck them on the flat side. You don’t want to press the flowers a lot or the pop up effect won’t come.

Then, add black details for the stems and leaves. I made it a little blockish so that they stand out against the stark white wrapping paper.

Papercraft gift wrapping Idea

For the last step, we added black ribbon on the upper half of the gift to give it completion. And, with that, your gift is ready to give!

Pop Up Gift Wrapping

What I like about this idea, is that its a bit like a puzzle. You need to figure out the angles, the order of the petals and the placement of the flowers. Which I really enjoy doing. Let me know, if you like that too!

Floral gift wrapping

Let me know your thoughts on this DIY Floral Gift Wrapping Idea, by leaving a comment below or by sending me a message on any of the media icons mentioned! You can also check out, similar gift wrapping ideas in the section below. Have a great day!