Labelled freezer labels - The CraftablesIn today’s fast paced world, freezing and microwaving food is a common and necessary practice. After a long day, it’s reasonable to not want to cook. And in such a situation, the frozen food left in the fridge is a true savior. The only hitch in the plan is if you have to go through half a dozen boxes before you open the one you need. Definitely not the ideal situation. This struggle is what we want to fix with our freezer labels.

They are not fancy. But, they are quite practical. Here’s my checklist for why I think they are a must need for every kitchen,

  • Easily accessible
  • Use and throw
  • Don’t rub off or get spoiled
  • Quick to assemble and attach
  • Can be used for any box or any shape or size

You’ll be able to see all these uses for them, as you see how they are made.

Jar of freezer labels - The CraftablesBudget: Low

Time: 10 minutes max.


  • Plastic files/ thick plastic sheet. In different colors if possible.
  • Scissors
  • Cutouts of different shapes
  • Black marker
  • String (not the rope kind)
  • Paper punch for the hole

Materials- The CraftablesSteps:

  1. The first step is to cut thin strips from the file. Keep these at a maximum of 5 cms high. There is no point in cutting out a lot, as the labels need to be attached to containers and can’t be very large.

Step 1 of making freezer labels - The Craftables2. Next, using the cutouts, draw the design out on the strips made. I recommend cutouts, so that you dont have to waste time drawing each shape over and over again. In fact, if you double the plastic, you can cut two of the same shape, at the same time!

Step 2 of freezer labels - The Craftables3. Cut out the shapes from the drawn strips.

4. Punch holes on 1-2 sides of each cut out

5. Draw long strings through each of the cut outs. Make sure the strings are pretty long, as they have to be tied to the containers.

Steps 3,4 and 5 of freezer labels - The Craftables6. Keep them in a jar in your kitchen and use as needed!

In the freezer - The CraftablesWe actually use this DIY to organise our freezer. As we used a particular color for a particular type of food, making it even easier to identify items.

  • Green – vegetables and leftovers
  • Blue – Dairy products and desserts
  • Red – Sauces, chutneys and other liquid based items
  • Yellow – misc. (eg. samosas)

Last step of freezer labels - The CraftablesThings to remember:

  • Make the strings really long, or it will be difficult to tie them up. The string should be thin and sturdy. But not of a rope type material. Rope, twine or anything similar will get soaked.
  • Use a black marker to write on the tags. It is easy to see and difficult to rub off.
  • You can also add the date from when the box was refrigerated. This will help throw away old or experienced stuff more easily.
  • Use only plastic for the main cutout. Nothing else will work as well.
  • Make lots in one go!

Freezer labels in a jar - The CraftablesWill you be using this DIY in your freezer food? Send us a picture of your freezer labelled up using the hashtag #thecraftablesproject. Have a great day! – GA