Geometric Heart Dinner SetA couple of days ago, I shared a post on buying a geometric heart table setting for Valentine’s Day. Unfortunately, due to series of unfortunate events – I wasn’t able to share the online links on where to buy those products, in that post. Which meant that the products weren’t as easily available for sales, as we would have liked. And, I really wanted to make up for that. So, I wanted to share how each of the 5 products we shared from this product line were made. Let’s get started!

For this Valentine’s Day Dinner Set, we made 5 handmade articles:

  • Place mat
  • Coasters
  • Cake Toppers & Skewers
  • Bunting
  • Napkin Rings

You’ll need this Template for all the items.

DIY Placemat and Coasters


Time taken: 1.5 hours
Materials: Blank place mat, Coasters, Template, Red/Pink/Gold Paint, Black marker, Varnish, Magic tape & a Scale

The steps for the DIY place mat and coasters are basically the same. Except the design has been scaled up for the place mat.


  1. Draw or trace out the geometric heart design on the coasters and placemats.
  2. Apply magic tape around the areas you want to paint red and paint within the lines. (for reference use this tutorial)
  3. Similarly fill in the pink and gold for the heart.
  4. Dab gold paint outside the heart, to fill in the blank space. Let it dry.
  5. Draw thick black outlines on the shapes in the heart and on the rim of the mats.
  6. Cover your nose & mouth and spray a light layer of varnish.

DIY Cake Topper / Skewer


Time taken: 30 minutes
Materials: Template, Scissors, Gold Paper, Thick Paper, Glue Gun and Skewers

These DIY cake toppers can be used as skewers or as stirrers easily. However, please use only the small hearts for skewers or stirrers.


  1. Print and cut out the hearts from the template. Preferably on thick paper.
  2. Trace and cutout the biggest heart from the gold paper
  3. Place all the skewers in the right direction
  4. Carefully glue the skewer over the back of the heart. Make sure to place the skewers at the same bottom point for all the hearts.

DIY Bunting


Time taken: 20 minutes
Materials: Thick plain paper, Thick Gold Paper, Template, Scissors, Glue Gun and String


  1. Print and cutout the hearts on the template on thick paper. We made 12 hearts.
  2. Stretch the string straight over a flat surface and make marking for the hearts to be placed. We left 7 cm and then placed three hearts at 5 cm intervals.
  3. Choose two points on the heart which will be stuck on the string. We pasted the third and fourth point from the top, to the string.
  4. Alternating the colors, paste the hearts on the string on the marked intervals.
  5. Leave 7 cm of string after the last heart has been stuck and cut to complete.

DIY Napkin Rings


Time taken: 45 minutes
Materials: Thick Gold Paper, Thick White Paper, Template, Scissors, Thick Braid, Red Ribbon, Thick double sided tape and Glue Gun

I would recommend making many of these in one go. Because you’re in the flow and they will form better.


  1. Measure the amount of braid needed to make a ring around the napkin. We got 6 cm.
  2. Cutout 6 equal pieces of braid (6 cm each) and 6 equal lengths of ribbon (6 cm each).
  3. Glue the ribbon in the middle of the braids.
  4. Print and cutout the template for the hearts. Use the bigger heart to cut out shapes from the gold paper.
  5. Glue the two ends of the braid and hold it for a few seconds each. So that the glue settles and makes a complete ring.
  6. Over the joint of the ring, paste the bigger heart cutout. Press it very firmly to make sure the ring retains its shape.
  7. Apply double sided tape on the back of the smaller heart and place it over the bigger one.

Geometric Heart Valentines Day Table Decor

What do you think of our DIY Geometric Heart Dinner Set? Let me know in the comments below. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the tutorials!