DIY Gift Wrapping on a BudgetHappy Tuesday!How’s your week started off? Last week, you may have seen us teasing a gift wrapping idea on our Insta stories (if not, click here to see our profile. We’re sharing quick tutorials there all the time!). For this DIY Gift Wrapping idea we wanted to keep it very material and budget friendly. Because not everyone is a gift wrapping addict and has drawers full of wrapping materials. At the same time, it’s important to remember that most people dispose wrapping paper almost immediately, so it does not make sense to spend a ton on it. Much better to save the money and spend it on the gift itself 😛 

Quick Gift Wrapping Technique


  • 1-2 colours of craft paper (the size and number of sheets depends on the size of the gift)
  • Black markers
  • Regular Tape
  • Scissors
  • Foam Tape (optional)

Time taken: This depends on the kind of design selected and the size of the sheets being used. The packing itself takes a few minutes.

Cheap DIY Gift Wrapping


1.Place the gift on the sheet of paper and gently fold the sheet over the box. This will help judge how much paper you need and how the drawing will look on the sheet.

2.Flip the sheet and take note of what side will be on the front of the gift.

3.Choose a simple object to replicate across the sheet. For these three prints I chose leaves and drew them in three ways. One with large leave spread across the whole sheet. One with small straight leaves in one direction. And one with small leaves scattered across the whole sheet. The trick to this is choosing something very basic. As you could be drawing a lot of them and don’t want to make something that is intricate.

4.On the front facing side of the folded paper, mark out a rectangle. This is where the card will be placed.

DIY Gift Wrapping on a Budget tutorial idea

5. Using a marker draw all over the remaining part of the sheet. I didn’t want to make it too detailed or neat, so I doodled directly on the sheet itself.

6. Wrap the gift with the sheet

7. Cut a rectangle as per the dimensions of the rectangle marked on the sheet. You can also draw directly on the sheet. But, I recommend a rectangle cutout (just in case there’s a spelling mistake. You don’t want your hand drawn paper to be wasted!)

8. In pencil, write out the message on the rectangle.

9. Write over the pencil with a marker and add details as needed.

10. Using foam or regular tape paste the rectangle on the wrapped gift.

I would suggest mixing up 2-3 types of markers, if you have them at home. For example, we used a thin marker for the leaves. But a thick one on the card.

DIY Gift Wrapping on a Budget!

Gift wrapping DIY tutorial

Gift wrapping with basic materials

How do you like this simple DIY Gift wrapping idea? Is it budget and material friendly? Let us know your gift wrapping tricks in the comments below 🙂