Red Orange Gold Yellow Pot - The CraftablesEveryone likes flowers. They add color, freshness and life to whatever environment they are in. And today’s idea is focused to bringing those elements to your home – without taking up too much space. It is definitely one of our favorites, because it started as a random thought, got moulded with a random post on Pinterest and was made through random actions. And the mess we made, only added to the fun!

The concept behind these jars is to create a gradient in the jar, with gold and silver glitter creating highlights. It’s like capturing a ray of sunshine or a wave of the ocean into a jar. Oh wow, that sounds fanciful!

Top Shot Silver Ombre Flower Pot - The CraftablesWe used the jars for flowers and succulents, as they need something that will complement the colors of the jar. But, they do make beautiful votives for candles as well. They can be kept at home in a small corner or on a work desk. They are small enough that the don’t take too much space.

Time taken: 30 minutes

Budget: Low


  • Small empty jars
  • Acrylic Paints
  • Cotton Balls
  • Gold and silver glitter  or paint (we used the kind that needs liquid to be added to it)
  • Stick
  • Water
  • Paintbrush
  • Glue
  • Plastic containers
  • Small flowers or succulents

It’s important to make sure the plastic containers fit into the empty jars. So, make sure the circumference of the plastic containers is slightly smaller than that of the jars.

Materials for Ombre Jars - The CraftablesPrep: To start with, we mixed paint and water in different containers. We got these ready beforehand, so that we could move faster when we assembled the jar. There isn’t an ideal ratio of paint and water. But, it needs to be more water and less paint, so that the water moves around in the container. Too much paint and it will seem sticky inside the container.

We also marked out three portions on the jar. The aim is for one color to be there in each portion.


Sprinkle some glitter at the bottom of the jar. This would edge up the sides when colored water is poured over it.

Step 1 of Ombre Jars - The CraftablesSpread out some cotton at the bottom of the jar uptil the first marking and sprinkle more glitter into the jar. Mix it up with a stick.

Step 2 - The CraftablesPour the first colored water of the gradient over the cotton. Add more glitter if needed and poke it around so it settles down.

step 3 - The CraftablesAdd a second layer of cotton and glitter over the first cotton. But, don’t mix it into the first one.

step 4 - The CraftablesAdd the second colored water and glitter to the jar. I wasn’t extremely systematic in this, to create a flow-y effect.

step 5 - The CraftablesAdd a third layer of cotton around the edges of the jar. Make sure to leave some space in the middle, as this is where the plastic container will go. I would suggest, putting the container in before the cotton and seeing till where your cotton is supposed to go.

step 6 - The CraftablesPour the third colored water over the edges only and add some glitter. Use the stick to poke it into place.

step 7 - The CraftablesCheck for gaps around the edges. If there are any, take small pieces of cotton and dip them into the topmost colored water and place it around the insides. 

Drain a little of the excess water, if there is any and then put a little glue on the rim of the container and place the plastic container in. Be careful at this point, as the excess water will overflow when you press the plastic container in too much.

steps 8 and 9 - The Craftables-001Place your flowers in the container and you’re all done!

Final pots - The CraftablesJust so you know:

  • Glitter without the needed liquid will never completely mix into the paint. So, it will always create highlights/patches.
  • Cotton settles down when water is added. It’s best to add extra cotton instead of too little cotton.
  • The more water you drain, the more layered the jar will seem.
  • This can get super messy!

close up gold jar - The CraftablesBesides the fact that glitter always looks good, we saw that choosing the right colors makes all the difference between something that looks good and something that looks average. The colors in these jars, are tried and tested combination. By this, I’m not saying don’t experiment (I would never say that). What I’m saying is, plan them out first. Like this one with blue, green and silver.

Blue Green Silver Flower Pot - The CraftablesWhich colors would you use? Let us know. And if you try this DIY, don’t forget to share it with us! – PA