Halloween Candy WandsThis idea was inspired by the cutest incense, we’ve ever gotten. It was almost the same design, with different scents on either side of the wand. In fact, we were thinking about adapting the idea for Halloween, almost immediately. And once we got started, we realised that this DIY is actually easier than it looks! Making it perfect for a kids, both as a treat and as an activity. So, let’s get started on our DIY Halloween Candy Wands!

DIY Candy Wands for Halloween

Time taken: 10 minutes per wand

Budget: Low


  • Small candy (we used smarties, skittles and nerds for these wands)
  • 2 Rimless test tubes
  • Washi Tape
  • Regular tape
  • Cotton Pads

steps for making candy wands


  1. For this DIY, you’re going to need two test tubes per wand. Start by filling both of your test tubes about 90% full.
  2. Then take one cotton swab and fold it from two sides. Next roll it into a cylinder.
  3. Place the cylinder in one of the tubes and add hold it horizontally to make sure none of the candy is slipping out.
  4. Next, while holding the test tubes horizontally, place the other end of the cotton swab inside the other test tube.

handmade wands for halloween with candy

5. Once the test tubes have been joined, make sure none of the swab is poking out.
6. Quickly tape the two tubes together with a piece of tape. Make sure the open ends of the tubes are exactly on top of each other, or the wand will snap in half!
7. After the tape has been placed, use washi tape or ribbon to further strengthen the centre of the wand, making it easy to hold and wave around.

And that’s how you DIY Halloween Candy Wands! Pretty simple right? We made them in a whole bunch of flavours. Some with candy, some with small chunks of chocolate. Yumm!

DIY Candy Crafts for Halloween

Things to keep in mind:

  • Press the tape against the middle of the wand completely. You don’t want to leave any bumps sticking out, as they’ll allow the tubes to move.
  • Dont forget to refrigerate these wands, as test tubes will allow the candy to melt.

DIY Halloween Candy

Easy to make DIY Halloween Candy Wands

How do you like our first Halloween post for the year and what would you put in these Halloween Candy Wands. Leave a comment in the section below and let us know 🙂