floral candle holdersMy cousin is getting married! YAAAY! Well, she isn’t getting married for a while. However, her roka is in a few days. So, we’ve been on a party planning mode for days. Her colours are pink & orange. Which makes me really happy, as these two colours have so much potential together. My mind is swirling with ideas. Unfortunately, not all of our projects are going to make the cut. Because everything needs to be sent abroad, for the ceremony. Which means, lightweight & small items only. At first, that was daunting, because we had to make sure everything arrives in perfect order. But, as you’ll see, we did come up with some stuff, that will work beautifully. Here’s the first one – DIY Decorative Floral Candle Holders.

Before, I go ahead, I want to clarify what a Roka is: It’s an Indian ceremony, where the couple makes a formal commitment to each other. A way to tell their families about their intention to get married, and to start planning the wedding. It’s like injecting the entire family with excitement! (I’m consciously making an effort to delete extra exclamation points, right now! Haha).

candle holder

Time taken: 20 minutes per ring

Budget: Medium


  • Medium sized rubber bands
  • Artificial Flowers (pink, orange & white)
  • Artificial Leaves
  • Glue Gun / glue drops

decorative flowers

Steps on how to make decorative floral candle holders:

  1. Twist 5 leaves at regular intervals around the rubber band. I like to use, the wire kind, as it hold the rubber band in place. if they aren’t available, you can use regular leaves, that can be stuck on with a glue gun.
  2. Paste the 4 of the biggest flowers, at even spaces. They don’t necessarily have to be over each leaf.  However, it’s best to have even spaces between two white flowers
  3. Stick two small flowers in each of the remaining gaps. There’s no particular order to this, and you should mix it up, to give it a natural look.
  4. Remove the excess glue with a stick and spread the petals to give the flowers an open look.

Tip: To give the flower ring a bit of a shine & finish, you can paste small fake pearls in the flowers.

diy candle holders

Stuff to pay attention to:

  • Glue guns aren’t toys! Please be careful while using them, so that you don’t burn yourself.
  • Paste some of the flowers upwards and some flat, to give a filled out look.
  • The elastic can be stretched to the size of the candles.
  • Avoid letting the rubber band show from the side.

candle holder of flowers

Its’ pretty sweet isn’t it? What I like about making candle holders, is you can make them as elaborate or as simple as you like. For example, put a gold or silver candle in this holder, and you can easily use it for Diwali or any other occasion. On the other hand, you can put it on the table for a casual dinner, and dress up the table to match. Making an ordinary meal, look much more special.

For the Rokka, we’re planning to use them as small centrepieces for side tables and as a part of the centrepiece for the meal. To make them look more elaborate, we’re planning to use gold candles, and scattered fake pearls and stones, over a white table cloth. Very simple, but elegant. Obviously, that’s not all that we have in mind. I’ll share more details in the coming week. So, watch this space for more!

flower with candle holder

Mini Flower Rings for Candles

Let me know what you think of our floral DIY candle holders, in the comments below 🙂 If you would like to place an order for them, let us know here.