homemade diy painted coastersI probably should have timed this DIY on handmade donut coasters a little better and shared it on Donut Day. And, I did have full plans to do so. But, I decided to take a spur of the moment trip and unfortunately, there was no wi-fi there. Which pushed my plans a bit. However, there’s no such thing as bad timing, where donuts are concerned right?

Today we are going ahead with our three kinds of handmade donut coasters – chocolate with vanilla swirl, chocolate with sprinkles and pink frosting with sprinkles. Let’s get started!

do it yourself donut coasters

Budget: Low

Time: about 30 minutes for 2 coasters


  • Plain premade coasters (wood or cork)
  • Acrylic paints
  • Thin round paintbrush
  • Thin flat paintbrush
  • Thin black marker
  • Thick black marker
  • Varnish
  • Pencil

easy to make diy donut coasters tutorial

Note: If you’re using varnish, make sure to cover your mouth and nose. Spray only in open spaces and let the space clear of fumes, after spraying. The nausea and headache you can get from the fumes is the worst. Trust me, I’ve had it and you don’t want it. So, be careful instead!

diy donut coasters steps

The first few steps for each of these designs, is the same:

  1. Draw a small circle in the centre of the coaster. I used the cap of a paint bottle to make easily. But, you can take something similar depending on the size of your coasters.
  2. Then, lightly draw out the design for your donut coaster. For all the designs, draw two rough waves. One near the rim of the coaster and the second near the inner the circle. This doesn’t have to be perfect. Just make sure the edges show a bit, near the wave. If you’re making a chocolate swirl donut, then add rough lines that go up and down, over the waves.

For the chocolate swirl donut coaster:

  1. Paint in the brown in carefully while avoiding the middle circle and the lines for the swirls.
  2. Once the brown has dried, take drops of white paint and carefully fill in the centre and the swirl. To create a creamy effect, add tiny drops of paint near each other, instead of painting lines. This will also look much neater.
  3. Use a thick marker to outline the chocolate. Be careful of overlapping the white, it’s tedious to paint over it.
  4. Use the thin marker to create an outline for the circle and the swirl.
  5. Lastly, spray a thin layer of varnish, once the paint has dried. This will help protect the paint from smudging when it comes in contact with liquids.

DIY Donut Coasters with sprinkles

For the sprinkled donuts:

  1. Paint the area between the waves completely in dark brown or deep pink.
  2. Carefully paint the centres in white. Similar to the swirl donut, you want to add drops of paint close to each other, instead of trying to add white strokes. Long strokes of white on wood almost always look patchy.
  3. Once the base color has dried, add coloured sprinkles on top by dipping a clean thin brush in paint and drawing small lines over the base. A single stroke of paint will do the trick, since coasters are pretty small.
  4. For the  finishing touch, use the thin marker around the centre of the coaster and a thick marker around the waves.
  5. You can paint or spray a light layer of varnish to hold the paint better.

As I used a lot of colors, I made 4-5 small sprinkles at different angles. For the pink, we added yellow,  white, purple, green and blue sprinkles. And, for the dark brown, we made red, white, yellow, light brown and blue sprinkles. But, you can choose as many colors and in whatever combination, you like for you donut coasters!

handpainted diy sprinkle donut

Sprinkle and swirl DIY donut coasters

How do you like these homemade DIY donut coasters and what flavour is your favourite? I love everything chocolate based. And, if it has hazelnuts in it, then that’s the best! Tell me if there is a different flavour that I should definitely try, in the comments below!

Now, I’m off to eat those donuts! Bbye!