How to make a customised mousepadWhat do you do when the people around you, refuse to stop using a cringey old mouse? You make a pretty mousepad that makes it less of an eyesore! Over the past few weeks, I’ve seen a textbook being used a mousepad, a table mat and a cloth bag. So it was high time to make a pretty little mousepad. And since I’ve been itching to paint, I decided to merge two of our favourite colours – Green and blue to make a blurry stroked effect. Here’s how it’s done!

Pretty Mousepad for your desk | DIY tutorial by The Craftables

I usually shy away from sharing such painting DIYs. Simply because, it’s tough to match the exact same effect. In fact, when we handprint similar items, almost every piece is unique. However, this time, we decided to take a crack at it. And show you, how to make something similar.

DIY handpainted Mousepad


  • Round cork Mat / Cork Sheet
  • Flat paintbrushes (3-4)
  • 2-3 shades of blue acrylic paint
  • 2-3 shades of green acrylic paint
  • Silver / white paint to blend
  • Water
  • Varnish
  • Palette

How to paint a brushstroke effect


  1. If you’re working with a cork sheet, place a small plate on one corner of the mat and draw a circle around it. Cut along the line to get a round mat. You can also make a rectangle mat.
  2. Test to see if your mouse is moving smoothly over the cork.
  3. In your palette, take out small amounts of all the paints and add a drop of water in each one colour.
  4. Starting from the top of the mat, do a rough stroke of any of the darker colours. Keep in mind, that paint on cork soaks and dries fairly quickly, so you need to move fast. Once the first stroke is done.
  5. Place a lighter shade of the same colour just below the dark one and roughly blend. The goal is to merge them.
  6. Next, use the lighter shade of the other colour and blend it in with a little bit of water. Similarly, place a darker shade of the same colour below it and blend.
  7. Use the silver to break the merging colours a bit.
  8. Keeping the brushstrokes rough, move downwards on the mat. Till you reach the edge. Allow the paint to dry.
  9. Once the paint has dried, matching the colour on the top, paint the rim of the mousepad.
  10. If some paint has gone over the back, you can paint it a block colour or replicate the same effect.
  11. Once dry, you can lightly spray a layer of varnish to lock the colours in. This is optional.

The best part is, you don’t have to use the cork mat as a mousepad necessarily. You can always use it as a placemat or tray to keep bits and bobs on. It’s versatile like that 😛

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How do you like this handprinted mousepad? Let us know which colours you would use, in the comments below.