homemade fathers day gift ideasFather’s Day is on the 19th of June! That’s about a week to go, you guys! So, it’s time to get cracking on some amazing gifts to make Dad’s day special. With that in mind, I’m rounding up 17 unique homemade father’s day gift ideas ranging from the elaborate to the simple, for you to choose from. Here it goes!

Note: As always, you want to click on the title above the image, if you would like to see the tutorial. They’re linked to the original source of the idea, by the blogger. Also, I’ve tried to mix the gifts up from the usual ties, mugs and more (see more on that here).

1.Let’s start on a sweet note with Grill Cupcakes by Cook Craft Love. 

bbq grill cupcakes

2.  How about some home made bitters? Tutorial by Lovely Indeed

home made bitters

3. Make mini notepads for dad’s desk, in any of the three ways given here.

Father's Day Gift - notepads

4. DIY this simple and amazing wallet by The Merrythought!

DIY wallet

5.Is your dad a Star Wars Fan like mine? He’s going to love these printable gift boxes by Printable Crush!

star wars printables

6.You can also make these mini pool tables for him to play on his desk. Check out the steps here on, Consumer Crafts.


7. Add a personalised touch to dad’s hip flask with this tutorial by Almost Makes Perfect 

personalised hip flask

8. This amazing way for Dad to make his own brew – DIY Homebrew Kit by Squirrelly Minds.

DIY Homebrew Kit

9.  Something to hang all the ties he has, on! DIY Tie Rack by Craftaholics Anonymous.

tie rack

10. One of the best gifts to give dad is time. So, why not plan a Movie Night with him. More details on this here, by Studio DIY 

movie night planning

11. I love this cryptic card idea to send a secret message by PBS 

secret message cards

12.  If you’re planning a meal, this shirt shaped napkin by Love Decorations is the perfect touch to add!

origami shirt

13. Another idea is to make some moustache chocolates for  Papa, using this tutorial by Little Luxuries Loft!

moustache chocolate

14. Look at these beautiful cards by Spark and Chemistry. And, the tutorial is easy to follow too! 

cutout cards

15. How about this chic stand to hold some photos by Harri Wren.

photo stand

16. Dream A Little Bigger shared this amazing tutorial for a tool crate to hold all of dad’s work tools! 

dad toold basket

17.  What list of mine would be complete without  a great colouring idea? Check out this printable design by Pam Ash Designs.

printable colouring box

Which DIY Father’s Day Gift Ideas would you like to work on? Let me know in the comments below!