10 minute DIY vaseIt’s odd how this DIY happened, to be honest. I was feeling major Monday morning blues when I woke up and didn’t feel like making anything at all.  So, I decided to go out and get some flowers, to change my frame of mind (Yes, that is something I do. And, if you’re feeling low, then you should try it too!). And weirdly, I was gravitating only towards the blue flowers. That’s when I decided to take it as a sign – it’s going to be a blues kind of day – just go with the flow. From there, it was smooth sailing for these DIY Lace Planters. In fact, this might be one of my quickest DIYs ever. Go figure!

Decorative Planter small

Budget: Low

Time taken: 10 minutes


  • Glass tumblers
  • Paint
  • Thin round paint brush
  • Lace washi tape or old scraps of lace

I used acrylic paint, so I could repaint the planters later, if I like. But, if you want a more permanent look, then glass paint, is the way to go!

easy to make vaseStart by placing the tape around the glass without sticking it. Once you have the placement you like, paste the tape flat against the glass. If you’re using washi tape, this is pretty easy. All you need to do is peel of the paper and press the tape straight onto the glass. And then, smooth out any bumps, so the tape is completely flat.

On the other hand, if you’re using old lace, you can mix glue with a little bit of water and spread it on the back of the lace. Then while the glue is still damp, paste it against the glass.

If you’re pasting multiple lines, like me, then make sure the lines are equidistant . An easy way to do this is to make some markings and paste the tape over them.

10 minute lace vases

Now to the fun part – the painting! Take a thin brush and brush it gently over the lace, covering all the gaps and holes. Since the lace is stuck to the glass, you don’t have to stick to the design exactly i.e going space by space. Instead, you can spread out the paint, over the lace completely. Just make sure, it doesn’t spread over the outer edges of the lace.

Once you’ve painted over the lace, check for lumps of paint. Any excess paint will stop the design from imprinting completely. This is especially important, if you’re painting with acrylic paints. Let the paint dry out completely.

handmade lace DIY planters

For the final step (see I told you, it was super quick), gently peel off the lace and watch as the beautiful design is created on the glass.

Really simple right? And, imagine the number of colours and designs you can make with it!

Things to know:

  • If there is a mishap and the paint has spread where it shouldn’t have, you can use some acetone to remove it. Or, if you’ve used acrylic paint, you can gently peel it off too.
  • Choose a lace with big spaces, so a bigger design is shown on the planter. If it is too thin or intricate, the end result could be a little underwhelming.

DIY Lace Vase

How to make DIY Lace Planters

How do you like our DIY Lace Planters? Let me know in the comments below. AND, if you make this, then let us know! We would love to see! Just tag #thecraftables, so we can check it out 🙂