Homemade Pin Holder TutorialHappy Wednesday Everyone! I hope the week has been going well for you. I’ve been crafting up a storm for our upcoming exhibition and I’m finally done with prepping all the products. And, there are a couple of things that we made, that I will be sharing tutorials for in the coming 2 weeks. First up, are these magnetic pin holders that we made for your desk!

How to make a pin holder

By now, it’s quite obvious that I LOVE stationery and spend a lot of time on it. This particular idea came up, when I toppled my stationery box and my push pins went flying everywhere! I must have poked myself a dozen times, while collecting all of them. So, that lead to entire chain of thought on making magnetic holders, so that the metallic pins don’t move around as easily. Here’s how it’s done!

Magentic Pins holder

Time: about 20 minutes


  • A thick coaster / 2 thin coasters pasted two each other
  • Thick printed paper
  • Mod podge
  • Magnetic Strip
  • Paint
  • Scissors

magnetic pin holder steps

In order to make these magnetic pin holders,

  1. Paint the rim of your coaster. I like to do this before I paste the paper, so if anything goes over the sides, it can be covered up with the paper.
  2. Place the coaster on the printed paper and mark out a square around it. Cut out 2 such squares to be pasted on the coaster. You don’t want to cut out circles as they can be trickier to paste.
  3. Apply a layer of mod podge on the coaster and paste one of the squares on top of it. Press it down flat and smooth out any air bubbles.
  4. Once the glue has dried up a little, use a pair of scissors to trim of the excess, taking it as close to the rim as possible.
  5. Add a thin layer of mod podge around the edges to seal the paper on top of the coaster.

Repeat these steps for the other side, if you like or you can leave it plain, paint it or decorate it in any way you like. Once this is done, we can finish up, with the magnet.

Handmade Magnetic Pin Holder Tutorial

6. Place any circular object on the coaster to see how big a magnet you would like to place. I wanted a little bit of the floral print to show, so I placed a small lid from a jar on top of the coaster. Use the object to draw a perfect circle on your magnetic strip and cut it out.

7. Paste the circular magnet in the middle of your coaster.

And that’s it 🙂

How to make a pin holder tutorial

Things to know:

  • Before cutting out the magnet, I like to test it out with a few pins, to see if the magnet is strong enough to hold the stationery. If the pins are not holding, that means the magnet isn’t strong and you should add another layer of the strip on top of the first. Or, try a stronger magnetic strip.
  • I suggest pasting paper on the back as well! That way, if you’re not using the pin holder, you can flip it and use it as a magnet!

Magentic Pin Holder for your desk

DIY Pin holder

What do you think our magnetic pin holders? Is this a stationery idea you’re on board with! Let me know in the comments below!