topshot of stirrers  - The CraftablesBeing a host is tough enough. Add a penchant for color coordination and the job gets a lot more tedious. These situations are only worsened by tardiness in planning (yes, that sounds exactly like me). So, I came up with this quick and cute 3D DIY to add some color to the table. Making skewers for the food and stirrers for the drinks to add details to the decor.  No, it’s not difficult and it definitely does not need special glasses. See, how we made them.

stirrers collection - The CraftablesBudget: Low

Time: 5 minutes each


  1. Colored Paper
  2. Scissors
  3. Glue
  4. Skewer/Stirrer sticks

materials for 3d stirrers - The CraftablesSteps:

  1. Make your cutouts that are to go on the stick. You need 3-4 identical cutouts. An easy way to make them is, to fold three squares of paper in half, press them together and cut in one go. This way, they will be all be exactly the same size. Fold each of the cutouts in the middle.
  2. Stick one of the cutouts to the stick.
  3. Fold the cutout outwards.
  4. Leaving some space on the stick, paste the second cutout. Fold this cutout outwards as well.
  5. Add the last cutout, by following the same steps. This way, you have 3 arrows(?) sticking outwards.
  6. Wait for the paper to be stuck firmly and then carefully fold all the arrows outwards.

Steps for stirrers - The CraftablesWe tried out a couple of designs. And I’ve got to say, the blue ones (the simplest ones coincidentally) are my favorites. Which ones do you like best?

topshot stirrers - The CraftablesKeep in mind:

  • Experiment with the cutouts and the colors!
  • Don’t complicate the design. The simpler the better. These are meant to be use and throw.
  • You can embellish them as well. Though don’t use something like glitter, it may fall in your food or drinks.
  • You can stick the cutouts on toothpicks too. And tiny cute skewers!

heart 3d skewers - The CraftablesHow can we make this DIY better? Tell us your suggestions and thoughts in the comments below! Happy Crafting! – PA