DIY stamped up dog leashHave you ever been in a situation where you want to make something special for your pets and it’s impractical to buy an expensive accessory for them? One solution is to make stamps and customise them on our own. Here’s what you need for this idea, steps on how to make it & things to keep in mind,

Stamped up pet leash

Time: 1-2 hours

Budget: Medium

What you need for this idea:

  • A decent sized eraser/rubber
  • crafts knife/paper cutter
  • paint
  • store bought plain leash
  • a dark pencil

Materials used to make custom leashes


For the stamp:

  1. Draw the design on the eraser with a pencil (don’t use pens, they shine through most paint colours).
  2. With the crafts knife, cut the outlines around the design. I would recommend not cutting all the way to the bottom, as this makes the stamp easier to hold.

how to make a custom stamp

For the leash:

  1. Once the stamp is ready, spread the leash out on a flat surface. At this stage, make sure you know how you want to place the design.
  2. Smear single of paint on the stamp and press on the leash. Continue till the entire leash is complete.
  3. Let it dry and..well there are no other steps!

make a custom leash for your pet

Things to keep in mind:

  • Be careful while using the crafts knife. Seriously. No cutting your fingers in a hurry.
  • Don’t make complicated designs, sometimes they don’t come out as clearly.
  • Press the stamp on the leash with some force. It’s never neat to redo the same print.
  • The stamps can be used for pretty much anything.

handmade stamps using erasers

If you have a specific design you would like and aren’t sure how to go about it or if you would prefer to place an order, let us know. We can custom make it and send it to you. To get in touch with us, please use the links given above!

Custom made pet leashesTell us what you think of this idea below! Would you like to use this idea for your pet’s accessories?