pill box containersA lot of the gifts that we end up making are for a specific occasion, like a birthday or an anniversary. But, every once in a while, it’s nice to make something for someone completely at random. I feel, that if you catch someone by surprise, you really show them how much you care. Because you’re clearly thinking about them, even when there isn’t an occasion telling you to do so. This is one of those gifts and I really hope my parents find it useful.

If you’ve come across these for the first time – Medication Pill Boxes are used to store medicines, for two reasons. One, if you have a number of them it’s annoying to carry all of the pills around. Second, if you take different tablets at different times of the day or during the week, this is an easy way to organise all of it and keep track of it.

medication pill container

We were trying to make these pill boxes convenient and safe, as possible. So, it was a process of elimination. And, usually I wouldn’t go on about that. But, as this is a medicine related tutorial, I want to share this information:

  • You don’t want to use anything made of glass (it can shatter in a bag) or heavy (like wood or metal)
  • Usually the pill boxes you will see are pretty small. But, that means you’ll have to take the medicines out of their strips to store them. I personally don’t believe in this, because you don’t know whether that grade of plastic is harmful or not (no matter what the label may say). Instead, if you have a slightly bigger container, you can cut the sachet / strip etc into small squares and store them with it.

Now, that that’s done, let’s get down to actually making the pill boxes!

 weekly pill boxes set

Time taken: 20 minutes (for 7)

Budget: Low


  • 7 plastic boxes of the same size
  • Pearls / Rhinestones
  • 7 different colors of wash tape
  • Printout for label (optional)
  • Tray to keep the boxes in (optional)
  • Glue / Double sided tape

diy pill box set


  1. Start by pasting the a line of washi tape in the bottom half of each pill box. I like to make each box a different colour, so that you start relating that colour with the day and automatically reach for it.
  2. Paste a rim of pearls or rhinestones over the top of the box.
  3. You can either cut out labels and write the day or you can print out labels (here are the ones we used). To make it convenient to use, we matched the wash tape color to the color of the label.
  4. Paste the labels on the top of the boxes.

daily pill boxes

There are a lot of variations that can be done with the design, based on who you’re making them for. My parents like things which are really easy to use (hence the color coding), but nothing flashy. I made another set for my aunt. Who is a bit glamorous, so we made those  completely bedazzled. So, you should adjust it based on who you’re making them for.

medical pill box set

There you have it – a useful gift that makes life easier. But doesn’t take an annoying amount of time to make. So, make a thoughtful medication pill box container set and let me know how it worked out for you. Also, if you like such ideas, make sure to let me know in the comments below!