DIY mirror decorating ideasHappy Friday Everyone! How has your week been? Mine’s been a bit meh. For lack of a better word. It’s one of those situations where nothing great has happened. But, something bad hasn’t happened either. It’s just been meh. So, I’m looking forward to ending the weekend on a more positive note! And one of my favourite ways to do that is by making something new (big surprise there!).

One of the things on my ever growing lists of DIYs to try, is decorating mirrors. There are such incredible ideas on how you can up-cycle an ordinary mirror and I wanted to share some ideas that would be really interesting to try!

Note: Click the underlined portion below each image and it will take you straight to the DIY tutorial. Thanks!

mirror decoration

This beauty dock by The Merrythought is an absolute favourite of mine. The design is completely unique and incredibly useful. It would also make a very thoughtful gift for anyone. Must Try!  

nautical mirror decoration

Nautical Mirrors just look so good. All the time. And, this one by A Charming Project is simple and perfect! I really love the tutorial as well, as it simplifies something, that appears to be difficult. While, making sure the end product is gorgeous! 

decorating mirror for home

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a more elaborate design, you’re going to love this design by Mountain Modern Life. The mirror is beautifully  made and I especially like the way it has been placed between frames and artwork. Very attractive way to decorate your home mirror.  

diy gold dipped framed mirror

Do you have a full length mirror that looks a bit blank? You can dress it up quite easily with this idea by Pretty Providence. You can check out the tutorial through this link. It’s a great idea! 

diy folding table mirror

This DIY Mirror by Handimania has to be one of the most functional DIYs I have ever seen and I have seen A LOT of DIYs. The mirror shown here doubles as a table. And it’s easy to use, saves space, looks brilliant. It’s everything and I need this in my life!! 

diy jewelry hanger mirror

Speaking of functional DIYs, check out these mirrors hangers by Homey Oh My. What I like about this design, is the number of mirrors. Because of the size of the mirrors, you can make and place multiple mirrors close to each other and easily organise all the jewellery on your dressing table. Very pretty and very useful! 

Persia Lou Foam Mirror

When I first saw this mirror design, I incorrectly presumed that it was a store-bought frame that had been decorated. But, when I read the entire article, I saw that it’s so much more. Persia Lou’s tutorial walks you through creating a beautiful design for an ordinary frame. Which, you’ll agree with me, looks really fancy! 

gold leaf mirrors

This idea by For The Makers is an innovative way to incorporate mirrors into your decor. The design is elegant and would blend in with any space effortlessly. I especially like the different sizes of the mirrors and the angles at which they have been placed. 

DIY Embossed Mirror Wreath

This last DIY mirror decorating idea is a stunning design by The Holiday Collective. I would like to make this as a gift ideally. Or maybe it could be a gift to myself. I love the minimal look of the wreath around the mirror and it’s a really interesting technique!

Well, that’s all the DIY mirror decoration ideas that I’m thinking about right now. I’ll keep you posted about the one I finally end up making. In the meantime, tell me what you like to do in a meh mood. I could use some pointers!