personalised stationery box setSometimes, I feel like my work desk is littered with little boxes for stationery materials. It just takes an unnecessary amount of space. So, I was very happy when I found this simple 9 compartment box set that could fit in all the small items and effectively declutter my office table. Keeping that in mind, I wanted to share an easy way to design the box and provide a way for you to buy this personalised box set. Here are the details!

DIY Stationery Box

Budget: Low

Time taken: 45 minutes max


  • 9 compartment box
  • Black paint
  • Paint brush
  • Masking tape / magic tape
  • Scale

Stationery Box cover

Now, I understand that this tutorial seems pointless, if you dont have the box. Because, it’s the box that is actually useful. So, in order to help with that – we’re providing DIY box kits that you can use. The kit will include, the ready made box which you can personalise your way. Plus, some magic tape, black paint, a paintbrush, a pencil and a scale. Basically, everything you need for the following steps.


If you’re interested in purchasing the DIY stationery box kit, just send us a message through the link here or the button above and we’ll get back to you, with the cost, how much time it would take to deliver etc.

making stationery box compartments


1.Draw lines around the inner and outer rim of the lid. And, around the sides of the box. We made them all equal and less than 1cm wide.
2. Apply tape:

  • In the middle of the lid
  • Edges of the base (back of the box)
  • In the middle of the lines on the sides of the box

stationery box set custom painting

3. Fill in the gaps made with black paint, with a minimum amount of paint and no water. Excess paint or any water will spread on this wood.
4. Wait until the paint is completely dry, before peeling off the tape. You can reuse the same tape for the rest of the sides. The tape  on the bottom of the box, is to make sure the paint doesn’t spread there.
5. Similarly, paint inside the gaps on the lid. First the inner ones and then the outer ones.
6. For the gap with the wooden edge, apply a tape over the paint and touching the previously drawn line. If the paint is dry, it won’t come off when the tape is removed.

paint box set

7. Paint the edges of the box and the lid.
8. Apply two tapes over the paint and from the edge. And, paint in the middle. Repeat for the remaining 3 sides.
9. To make it convenient to remember which side is used to open the box, I used the same technique and added 1 line in the right direction.
10. Once you take off all the tape, you’ll have lines that meet exactly on all 4 sides of the box.

filled custom stationery box

Lastly, fill up the box and slide over the lid and your custom stationery box set is ready! There are two reasons why I liked this box. Firstly, the box has a lid. Which means, I don’t accidentally poke myself with a pin or spill the contents. Secondly, there’s some space between the lids and the compartments which can be used to keep bigger materials like post its.

final personalised stationery box with compartments

Stationery Box Kit

What do you think of our personalised DIY compartment stationery box and do you think it would be useful? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!