diy popcorn paper conesLast week, we worked on some DIY Halloween Games and this week, we wanted to continue the theme with some more party paraphernalia – with these handmade candy corn popcorn paper cone holders. This is quite an easy craft and a great touch for a night full of spooky movies. And, because it’s so simple, you can make them in any quantity. Here’s how it’s done!

candy corn popcorn holders

Time taken: 10 minutes

Budget: Low

Materials for popcorn paper cone:

  • Thick white paper
  • Acrylic paints (yellow, orange and white)
  • Tissue paper
  • Double Sides tape
  • Scissors

steps for candy corn popcorn holders


Start by drawing a large triangle on a blank sheet of paper. Next add a curve to the bottom side of the triangle. To make it easy to assemble add a small rectangle on one side of the design. Once drawn out, cut out the shape carefully.

If you’re making more than one of these popcorn paper holders, you want to use the first cut out as a template. This can be used to trace the design and speeds up the process a lot.

Now that the template is ready, let’s paint! Start by dividing your design in roughly three parts, one per colour. Start painting from the curved edge using yellow. You want to add a thick coat of paint. Next, using a fresh brush add orange paint in the second section. Using a little water, blend the two colours allowing them to merge. Similarly add white in the third part and blend it with the orange.

popcorn paper cones

Things to remember:

  • Use the smallest amount of water possible while shading. Too much water and the paper may tear.
  • Use fresh clean brushes or the darker colours may stain the lighter ones.

Repeat the steps for all your candy corn popcorn paper cones. Allow them to dry. Once the holders have dried, stick lines of double sided tape over the rectangles made earlier.

How to make diy halloween popcorn holders

For the next step, curve the popcorn paper cone from the tip and paste the two ends using the double sided tape!

While serving, line the holders with some tissue before popping in your freshly made popcorn (that sounds amazing doesn’t it :)). This is optional, but I feel it adds a pop of colour!

yellow paper cone with popcorn

popcorn holders

We had a blast making these DIY popcorn paper cones / holders. Mostly because popcorn is our favourite snack and we ended up finishing all of it, before we even reached the photography stage 😛 But, that just means make some more popcorn.

Anyway, we hope you liked this halloween quick craft! Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and don’t forget to let us know, if you make these popcorn holders! Bbye!