Steps on how to make potpourri at home
Making potpourri is surprisingly easy! And they are very useful in make closed spaces smell fresh all the time. Keep one of these bags in your cupboard and clothes will start carrying the scent naturally. Personally, it makes a nice add on for house warming gifts.

Budget: Low

Time taken: Assembly time 5-10 mins. However, it takes 1-2 days to dry out the ingredients.


  • Dried peels & leaves: Orange and mint. Both of which needed a few days to dry out completely
  • Spices: Cinnamon Sticks, Green Cardamom & cloves
  • Jute/Net Bags: These allow the scent to seep through easily
  • Thread: To tie the bags up

Materials to make potpourri


  1. Select and dry out your materials. Here, we made multiple combinations: cinnamon, orange & mint; cinnamon, orange, cloves & green cardamom and cinnamon, orange, cloves, green cardamom and mint.
  2. Dry out the ingredients. We had these materials in the house, so it was pretty easy.
  3. Crush them into small pieces just before assembling. This will release more scent.
  4. Mix up your materials.
  5. Bag it up. It’s important to use jute or net bags, so that the scent seems through.

Mix up your materials to make potpourri


  • Don’t micro the ingredients to dry them out, materials tend to loose their scent this way. Instead, just leave them in the sun for a day or so.
  • Think about the scents that are being used before mixing them up. Some scents just don’t mix well. Like rose petals and oranges (haven’t tried it, but it doesn’t sound very appealing).
  • They make pretty gifts too. Or add ons for gifts. We once added a small bag of it to a large gift basket and it gave a great scent to the whole package.

And that’s it! Your potpourri is ready.

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