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If you’re feeling bogged down with being indoors, looking for things to do (besides staring at a TV screen mindlessly), have toddlers to entertain or just need a breather. You are not alone. It feels like the world has become a lot smaller right now. And you can’t help but feel low. In such times, it’s necessary to be tirelessly optimistic. One thing that’s been helping us stay positive is pursuing hobbies. Reading, writing, baking and more activities which had taken a backseat for such a long time have been coming to the rescue. One hobby that we’ve been doing every day is colouring!

Colouring Sheet DIY activity for kids | The Craftables colouring cards | Pun compliments

Colouring is tremendously therapeutic. There’s something about letting your imagination pick colours and filling in doodles that engage your mind and relax it effortlessly. And it’s something we highly highly recommend to everyone!

Print and use compliment cards | floral design | Adult colouring sheets | The Craftables

So in our little bid to help, we wanted to make some drawing sheets that you can print and use at home. We made 3 sheets – floral, animals and fruits. With four designs per sheet. You or your little ones can print as many as you like by clicking the link below and downloading the files.

These sheets are A4 sized, so you can directly print them on your home printer. The images here all show the designs printed on regular printer paper. You can resize it if you like, however, I would not recommend making it too large as the design may pixelate.

Animals Compliment puns | Colouring Sheets | printables by The Craftables

We hope this encourages you to pursue some colour therapy. If you print and use these sheets, please tag and share them with us on Instagram (@the_craftables). It would make our day to see you using the sheets.

Colouring Sheets by The Craftables | Printables sheets for all ages

Also, we would love to hear from you about what printables you use every day. Please message or comment below to share your favourites. Who knows who you could help with your suggestion!

Fruity Colouring Sheets | Compliment Puns | The Craftables design

StayHomeAndStayPositive Everyone! We will get through this 🙂