color craft for kidsNow, this was fun! Last week, we held a small workshop for our ten year olds. And, it was messy and colourful, in the best way possible. We decided to have a Rainbow themed session, where we made 3 DIYs over the course of 2.5 hours. And, they completely nailed it! So, I felt like talking about them (just a little bit. I promise I won’t ramble on for hours) and sharing what they made. So here are 3 rainbow craft ideas for kids!

rainbow craft for kids

To prep the space, we created workstations for all the children by creating a grid of plastic sheets and colourful yoga mats. So, even if something spills, that’s completely alright. Then, we gave each child their own kit for the workshop, with every element of every DIY they would be working on. Lastly, we pasted sheets of white paper on each workstation. Previous workshops have taught me, that this is an excellent idea! It’s a great way for kids to have fun scribbling or “leaving me souvenirs”, as they like to call it!

Paint pallete from rainbow workshop

For this rainbow crafts workshop (I’m pretty sure I will repeat this theme, at some stage. There are so many things you can make with rainbows!), we made,

  • A rope embellished tray
  • A gift tag and fridge magnet
  • A color it in triangle Box

I was a bit apprehensive of whether they would manage to finish all of it in 2.5 hours. But, it just goes to show how skilled they are! They handled it like pros!

Make a Rainbow DIY Tray

We started the workshop with a rainbow tray with a few variations like, fewer color panels and writing in the middle of the tray. My favourite one involved a plain color for the middle and rainbow coloured ropes on the side. It looked absolutely amazing!

You can use the steps mentioned here to make one, too.

Rainbow earbud magnet and tag for kids

From there we moved onto some earbud painting to make tags and magnets. Here are the steps:

  1. Take a circle of thick paper and use a earbud to draw the outermost red circle first. All you need to do is dunk the earbud in some paint and press it on the paper. Go around the rim, to make a full circle.
  2. Move onto the next colour and daub dots of orange just below the red to make a smaller circle.
  3. Continue making circles, till all 7 colours have been used.
  4. While the rainbow is drying, draw four small clouds and cut them out. Draw thin black outlines to give them more finish.
  5. Once the paint has dried, cut the circle right in the middle. Voila! Two instant rainbows!
  6. Paste two clouds on either end of the rainbow.

For the final step, we pasted a magnet on the back of one rainbow and pulled a thread through the other. Making a magnet and a gift tag!

DIY customised triangle boxes

By now, we were all starting to get a big hungry. So, after a quick snack break we came back for the final rainbow craft DIY. And this one was a game 🙂

I really wanted to introduce the kids to paper crafting and what better way to initiate someone to the world of paper crafting than with some triangle boxes! To make this we gave them triangle box templates and asked them to fold in the sides. Here’s where you can download the template and make it too.

Here’s the fun part! We had each child pick out 4 random materials (rhinestones, feathers, stickers, washi tape, you name it!) from a bag and they had to use ALL their materials to decorate their box in 15 minutes. This was a huge success! Within seconds, our workspace had turned into a marketplace, with materials being bartered and deals being cracked. Seriously, I think these kids have better bargaining skills, than I do!

Vibgyor rope for rainbow workshop

color craft bottles and pencil for kids

And that was it, for our DIY Rainbow Crafts for Kids! Did you like reading about such sessions and making the tutorials shared here? Let me know what you think, in the comments below. Also, what other crafty workshops would you like to see? Share your ideas with us, we would love to hear your thoughts on it!