Do it yourself craft idea from Pinterest | DIY Salad Spoons | The CraftablesHave you come across DIY salad spoons on Pinterest? I’ve seen so many tutorials and have always wanted to make a set for myself. So, instead of pinning more sets, and thinking I’ll make one someday –  I bought a pair from IKEA and got started. And before I knew it, my ombre salad spoons were ready!

There are a number of ways in which you can customise Salad spoons. You can try etching, wood burning, contact paper and much more. Check out our Pinterest for more on that. For this DIY, we wanted to use – good old acrylic paint. Keeping with the simple thought process – we decided to paint ombre stripes along the stem of the spoon and fork. But, you can always mix things up.

Materials to paint diy salad spoons | Pinterest Tutorials Tried Out | The Craftables


  • Acrylic paint (colour + white)
  • Wooden Salad Spoons (This tutorial only works for wooden spoons)
  • Magic / Painters Tape
  • Flat paint brush

Steps to make DIY Salad Spoons from Pinterest | The Craftables


1.Start by evenly pasting strips of magic tape along the stem of the spoons. We tried to match the placement on both of them, so that the set matches better. Try to press the tape, as flat as possible, or paint can seep through. If it’s not flattening out completely, apply another layer on top.

2. Starting with the tip of the spoon and fork, paint the darkest paint. Use as little water as possible and paint in one direction – so as to avoid any lumps.

3. Mix a little white in your paint and paint the next section similarly. Don’t be afraid to go over the tape. However, avoid going completely wild and painting over the previous paint.

How to make DIY salad spoons on a budget | The Craftables Tutorial

4. Acrylic paint dries fairly quickly on wood. So, you can keep mixing in white and painting in the other sections, till you reach the bottom.

5. Once the paint has dried, peel the magic tape off. You should see clean lines and sections. However, if the paint has seeped out, you can correct it with a thin brush.

DIY Salad Spoons | Ombre design from Pinterest | The Craftables

If you aren’t painting over the top of the spoon and fork, then you don’t need to varnish. However, if you do paint over it, then I would recommend spray varnishing it, for hygienic reasons.

How to tutorials from Pinterest | DIY Salad Spoons with ombre print | The Craftables

Craft your own ombre salad spoons | DIY tutorial | The Craftables

How do you like these DIY salad spoons? Are you planning on pinning and trying them later on? Let us know in the comments below 🙂