Easy DIY tutorial idea | Stone Effect Containers | The CraftablesIt’s all about the little things! Many times, you don’t have to do a big grand crafts project  to add a personal touch to your living space. It could be something simple like a vase, or a set of coasters or a container set like this one and it’ll do the trick. Smaller DIYs are a great place to start for beginners, as you don’t feel overwhelmed by the materials or number of steps to follow. And these stone effect containers fit the bill exactly!

How to make a stone effect containers set | The Craftables


  • Rustoelum American Accents Spray – Stone
  • Glass / Wood Containers
  • Grey Paint

The time taken for this DIY is split into 4 lots of 5-7 mins each, as you’ll need a gap of at least 1 hour between each spray. So that’s about 30 minutes in total.

DIY Stone Effect Containers on a budget | The Craftables Tutorial


For these containers, we decided to spray just the lids of the containers. So, start by laying out some newspaper outdoors. You do not want to spray paint these indoors, the smell can give a headache. Next, remove the plastic parts of the container lids and place the lids on the newspaper.

Covering your nose and mouth, do a test spray on some newspaper. This will help judge the angle and height from which you should spray paint the lids. For this kind of spray, you don’t want to hold the spray too close to the article. As it is a thick spray, the paint may split and splatter.

Simple and easy craft ideas | DIY Stone Effect Containers | The Craftables

Lightly spray one layer on both the lids and leave it to dry for 1 hour. After an hour, spray one more layer to cover the gaps. Leave it overnight.

The next day, check if it has dried. If dry, flip the lids and repeat the two spray process for the sides and bottom of the lids. Leave it to dry.

Once the lids have dried, check for any patches. As you’ve already sprayed the lids twice, you should avoid spraying more to cover these patches. It’ll make the paint look like a blob. Instead, take a little dark grey acrylic paint and dab it in gently. Let it dry.

Place the plastic back on the lids and they’re ready to use!

Do it yourself craft idea | DIY stone effect containers | The Craftables

DIY Stone Effect Containers Set Tutorial | The Craftables

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