Handmade Stone Effect for Vases | Upcycled DIY Stone Effect Vase | The Craftables TutorialTwo up cycling projects in a row? Seems I’m going through a phase with well loved products. But, to be fair – when you see the finished version, doesn’t it look great? I’ve been wanting to make something else with a stone effect ever since we did out storage containers last month. And this simple vase was the perfect quick and easy project for it. It gives a unique look to a very basic design and makes it stand out. Let me know in the comments if you agree with me 🙂

Craft Idea For beginners DIY Stone Effect Vase | The Craftables Tutorial


  • Rustoelum American Accents Spray – Stone
  • Glass Vase
  • Grey Paint
  • Newspaper

Easy to make DIY Stone Effect Vase | The Craftables Tutorial


For such sprays, the first thing to decide is what kind of design you would like and whether it would work on a vase. The Rustoleum spray works beautifully on glass and most woods. So, we went with an old glass vase. Keeping it simple, we decided to spray all over the outside of the vase.

The first step is to clean the vase of any stickers or markings. This one had tiny marks all over from stickers that had been pasted on it. So we scraped off the stickers, rinsed and dried the vase.

Stuff the vase with some newspaper so the spray doesn’t go inside the vase.

Quick Crafts DIY Stone Effect Vase | The Craftables Tutorial

Spread some newspaper outside and cover your mouth and nose. Give the spray a good shake and test it out on a patch of paper. The further you spray, the less dense the effect will be. So, depending on how thick you would like the paint, hold the spray closer or further from the paper.

Place the vase horizontally and spray two lines in back and forth motions. Since this is a thick spray, you don’t want to overlap the layers too much as the paint will split if you try to do that. Gently tilting the stone effect vase, spray all around it and let it dry. After 1 hour, double check if it needs another layer.

After the vase has dried, if you feel like there are certain small gaps, dab a little dark grey paint. Let it dry.

How to make DIY Stone Effect Vase | The Craftables Tutorial

DIY Stone Effect Vase | The Craftables Tutorial

And now you have a DIY stone effect vase to use for your flowers 🙂 Do you like this idea? Let us know which other stone effect crafts would you like to see and make! Happy Crafting!

PS: Did you notice the pretty porcelain tray in the photos? My grandmom has been porcelain painting for decades <3