stress relief kitLast Mother’s Day, like all special days, we wanted to make something special for our mom. Unfortunately, there were countless things happening and it was not possible to work on it, till the last minute. And I mean the very last minute, like the evening before Mother’s Day. So, we racked our heads on what to make and what was actually feasible to execute. After rejecting dozens of ideas (this did not help our lack of time), we came to a simple gift which would be useful for her – Her very own homemade stress relief kit.  Here’s what we did.

Time to execute: 20 minutes

Budget: Low to Medium


  • Stress relieving items
  • Small Bag
  • Colourful Paper
  • Pens to write labels with or a printer (if you dont have a lot of time, like us)
  • Scissors
  • String

anti stress kit


  1. Collect all the things mom typically uses to relieve stress. We picked up her favorite chocolates, perfume miniature and wine. Also, we got a pendrive and added her favorite tv shows. For high stress situations, we got pain patches and mild medication. And lastly, tea bags and some god old bubble wrap. Pretty simple right? And we found most of it around the house.

materials for stress relief kit

2. Next, we made simple tags for each of the anti stress items we collected.

3. To make things a little more humorous, we added funny and personal “directions” for each of the products. For example, for chocolates, the directions were: “Not more than 2 pieces at one time. Side effects include: sugar rushes and instant regret”. The one for bubble wrap went: “Pop 7-8 bubbles every hour. If needed increase dosage to 10 bubbles”.

tags used for stress relief kit4. Wrap the labels around the anti stress items and place them in a small bag. Small bags are more useful, as they can be carried around in bags easily.

packed kit stress relief

It’s not just a convenient gift for Mother’s Day. But, can be given at any time, without any specific reason. Easy way to show your parent, that you understand they don’t have it easy and that you want to help. Try it out!

Also, if you do make the stress relief kit, don’t forget to share it with us by using the hashtag #thecraftablesproject. We would love to connect with you via your social media. Let us also know your thoughts and suggestions through the comments below. Thanks, bye!