handmade crafts lookback on ideas, envelopes, cards, fans,I just had an epiphany – We don’t need to share just tutorials here. Let me tell you, how I reached this amazing conclusion. I was going through our old posts, which lead me to look at pictures of some of the stuff we made a while back. Here’s the interesting bit, we have never posted these ideas on the site! This was because of many reasons. Sometimes we didn’t have any photographs for the steps, or we had custom made the item for someone or anything really. But, that doesn’t mean we can’t share the thought and the final look of the idea. Right?

The thought behind these posts is to share ideas, without a step by step guide. Don’t worry, if you need help with any details or need to place an order for any of them, you can message us and we will definitely help out.

hand painted crafts, diy for pink fan in different shades, for kids and adultsDIY Pink Ombre Fan

First, we worked on this Pretty Pink Ombre Fan. Basically, we took an old fan with wooden panels. And painted it in shades of pink. To give more body, we added thin gold borders.

It took about 10 minutes to make, as acrylic paints dry quickly. Which meant, we needed to move fast while painting. You can add more layers to the paint. However, it’s best to get it right the first time round. Adding multiple layers, eventually mucks things up.

tuxes, crafts for kids, arts and crafts, DIY, diy craftsTux Envelope

In India, we often give cash as a gift on various occasions. So, when we saw this tutorial at Christie’s Creative Corner, we had to try it out for ourselves and I think the end result turned out quite pretty. It was actually very simple to make. But, you do need to have the needed embellishments to make the envelope look complete. We used it to give birthday money to a friend.

crafts for kids, craft ideas, handmade, cards, DIYPull Up Birthday Card

Lastly (for this month), we made this simple pull up card for my aunt’s birthday. It’s something everyone has consciously or subconsciously made over the years. It requires equals folds to be made on a panel of paper and letters to be written on each of them. Sounds elementary? That’s exactly what it is! And it’s a nice alternate to a card.

How do you like these ideas? Let us know below!