DIY TO DO LIST #2Happy Friday Everybody! About two months ago, I shared my first DIY To Do List on the blog. My goal had been to finish every single one of my targets in a month’s time. Which was a pretty ambitious goal. And it didn’t happen, at all. Haha. It took me way longer than I thought to make everything. But finally, I’m happy to report that all 7 of my targets have been accomplished. So, I’m feeling pretty pumped to make a second list. This time, I’m going to push just a little bit more and finish everything in a month. Here’s what on my DIY To Do List this month!

floral embroidery

One of my targets for this year had been to learn embroidery. I’m not very skilled at it and usually stick to the basics like cross stitching. That’s why, I want to work on expanding my skill set and these floral designs by Flax and Twine are the perfect project to start with! 

Pressed flower pendant

This may sound weird, but I’ve never ever made anything with pressed flowers. I’ve tried pressing them between notebooks. But, somehow I always end up forgetting about them. So, I really want to work on a successful DIY project. And the one I want to try are these pressed flower lockets by Monsters Circus. Beautiful! 

Yahtzee Game

Last month, I had a beautiful floral clock by Lovely Indeed on my list and this month, I’m going to make their Yahtzee game. I haven’t played the game in a while and I can’t wait to make Lovely Indeed’s version of it. 

floral accessories tutorial

These floral accessories were so much fun to make! And so incredibly simple! My target for this month is to make about 70 of these for my sister’s mehendi ceremony (Indian wedding tradition) for the guests to take as takeaways.

How to paint sneakersI’ve been wearing these paint splattered shoes everywhere and they’ve gotten a lot of compliments. That’s why I’m going to replicate them in different colors for another set of shoes. This time, I’m thinking splatters in a whole variety of colours. What do you think?

lettering plates

Are you swooning over these dinner plates by Oh So Beautiful Paper? Cos I am! They’re absolutely stunning and I’m in love with the technique they’ve used. So, I can’t wait to try this out! 

Easy to make paper crafts

Lastly, we made a couple of paper bags recently that need to be made IN BULK. They’re a basic paper craft project that I want to replicate about 400 times in a larger size. That way they can be used in the wedding too!

And that’s it, for this month’s DIY To Do List! What DIY projects are you working on or planning to work on? I’d love to know! Let me know in a comment below, so I can check it out too!