Learn how to DIY Upcycled Trinket Dishes | The Craftables TutorialIt has been a while since I opened my watercolours set. Possibly, half a decade. So, when I found it, I was itching to make something. But, also a bit nervous. It was like meeting a friend you were really close too, drifted away from and are going out for coffee with years and years later. You know what I mean? That’s why I wanted to make something well within my comfort zone. We also had these old ramekins lying around, so I thought – why not put the two together and make some DIY Upcycled Trinket Dishes. Here’s how it went!

Simple and easy DIY Upcycled Trinket Dishes | The Craftables


  • 2 Ramekins
  • Watercolors Set
  • Thin round brushes
  • Thick Paper
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Adhesive Spray / Mod Podge

If you’re not comfortable with watercolours, that is completely fine. You can paint or draw with any materials of your choice – acrylic paints, colour pencils or pens, crayons etc.

Steps to make watercolor flowers on trinket dishes| DIY Upcycled Trinket Dishes | The Craftables Tutorial


1. Start by measuring the bottom of your ramekin and tracing 2 circles on the size on sheet of paper. I placed a circle bottomed object inside the ramekin and it fit perfectly, so I traced the base onto paper.

2. Doodle with watercolours within the circumference. Let the paint dry.

3. Cut the circles carefully, while trying to maintain a perfect circle.

How to upcycle DIY Upcycled Trinket Dishes | The Craftables

4. Test if the circles fit into the ramekins.

5. We used an adhesive spray on the back of the circles and placed them into the ramekins. But, you can also use mod podge. We don’t recommend tape or glue guns, because they create bumps in the paper and the circle doesn’t sit absolutely flat on the bottom. Let the glue dry up.

DIY Upcycled Trinket Dishes with Watercolours by The Craftables

And that’s it! You have some pretty trinket dishes to put bits of stationery or makeup or toiletries in. Every time, I see the paint peeking through the pins and clips i’ve been in the dishes, I feel happy 🙂

Do it yourself craft ideas for your room DIY Upcycled Trinket Dishes | The CraftablesWhat kind of design and colours would you use in your DIY Upcycled Trinket Dishes? If you make this craft idea, please don’t forget to take a picture and send it to us. You can email it to us, or tag us on social media. Happy Crafting!