papercraft bookmarks tutorialIt’s the weekend! And that means,I get to sit back with a hot cup of coffee and a good book (currently reading The Corinthian by Georgette Heyer) and basically be a sloth. That sounds so perfect after the week that just went by! To clarify, nothing horrible happened. I’ve just been feeling a bit tired for the past couple of days. Add a migraine to the mix and all motivation goes out of the window. So, I’m hoping that by slowing down over the weekend, I can start afresh on Monday. What has your week been like and what do you do when you are feeling this way. I hope you get the chance to take some time off for yourself and have some fun!

Speaking of fun, here are some DIY Weekend Projects to try at home that I fell in love with! As always, click the link below the photo to see the complete tutorial!

DIY Soap Tutorial

DIY Soap by Pretty Life Girls 

How gorgeous is this soap by Pretty Life Girls! I really like this idea as a gift. Mostly because I would love to get it. But also because it looks like a lot of fun to make!

easy to make bookmarks

Watercolor + Pom pom Bookmarks 

I’ll be honest, I made this tutorial mostly because I misplaced all of my bookmarks. I have a genuine problem with remembering where I kept them and so I made a whole bunch of these with bright pom pom for some color.

Watermelon Sunglass Case

Watermelon Sunglass Case by Drawn To DIY

With summer around the corner, THIS is the sunglass case you want. You can make it easily using the steps given and show your love for fruity goodness.

Pots with rubber bands

Pot Painting with rubber bands by We Can Make Anything 

I’m loving this pots made with rubber bands. It’s a really fun technique and I’m thinking of doing this DIY weekend project with my cousins, the next time they are over for a crafts day!

DIY 5 minute emoji diy tutorial

Printable Emoji Stationery

You guys! New emojis are launching and I am so excited about it! I couldn’t resist making this stationery tutorial for push pins,  Upins and magnets. Using the emojis that I use most often.

Undersofa Storage

Under Sofa Storage Tray by Passion Shake 

You have no idea how badly we need these! Bombay apartments are TINY and we’re constantly looking for ways to make storage more convenient. This weekend project at home fits the bill perfectly!

Embroidered Baseball Cap

Embroidery Baseball Cap by Lindsey Crafter 

And last but not the least, is this beautiful embroidered baseball cap. It’s such a unique idea and adds a pretty touch of personalisation to your headgear!

What have you got planned for the weekend and are you working on any interesting DIY weekend projects lately? Let me know in the comments below! In case you have missed our Part 1 to the weekend project series click here.