DIY weekend projectIt’s the weekend!! And it’s the end of a lazy week. This week has been pretty slow for me as I was feeling just Meh. For lack of a better word. But, now it’s the weekend and I’m ready to work on something creative (I usually experiment with ideas over Saturday and Sunday). And I’m hoping these 7 DIY weekend projects will jolt me out of my laziness! Check it out!

diy shaker cards

This is a fact – I’m paper crafts obsessed. So, when I see projects like these shaker cards by Damask Love, I get very very excited!  The moment I saw these, I started of thinking of the next birthday in the family, so I could make them!

Fruit Bowls

This idea for assorted fruit bowls by The Proper Blog is absolutely genius! It’s such  creative way of serving desserts and you can use them in a whole bunch of ways. I’m curious to try this out, because I’m sure the flavour of the bowls would complement the ice cream and make it even better than it looks!

diy donut coasters

We made these donut coasters on a whim and I’m really happy with how they turned out. After I was done with the tutorial, my cousins came over to make some and they had the best time. So, this DIY project got a stamp of approval!

magentic pin holder

Speaking of DIY ideas that just worked out – we made these magnetic pin holders, after I spilt my stationery onto the floor. And spent hours picking everything up. I’ve been using these stationery holders ever since and they make things so much easier.

Ironing Board Cover

Oleander and Palm shared a tutorial on how to make an ironing board cover. And, this was one of those ideas where I saw it and this was my reaction – “Hmm yes, this is a really practical idea. And, it’s not too difficult either. This is really good. I need this”

Fruity PartyI’m still wiping the drool of my face, from when I saw this Fruity Birthday Party by Pizzazzerie. Look at the incredible amount of detailing that’s gone into every element. It’s amazing! You have to go and check out the entire post and see all of it!

printable butterfly push pins

And lastly on my list of favourites are these printable butterfly push pins by We Are Scout! They’re so adorable and they’re printable! Perfect!

Which DIY weekend projects are you going to try? Let me know in the comments below!