wrapping paper round up - The CraftablesI was going through our past posts and I noticed that we’ve done a lot of tutorials for making different kinds of wrapping paper. It’s just that we did them a while back and I for one, had practically forgotten about them. So I’m making it a personal goal to go through past ideas (both ours and others) every few weeks and posting a throwback post of sorts. To stay in touch with awesome ideas. Here’s a list of our DIY wrapping paper ideas from the past few months!

gift wrapping paper, crafts, DIYSponge it Up: There was that one time, we made wrapping paper using sponges. To create a gradient effect with green and yellow. Link for tutorial.

wrapping paper made from aluminum foilsWe also used aluminum foils to make this bold and bright paper. And it was such a quick tutorial.

DIY wrapping paper We used the same technique to make paper using plastic cling film/ plastic sheets. Link for the tutorial.

bubble wrap, gift wrapping paper, DIY

Would you believe this bubble wrap wrapping paper can be made in 10 minutes, with any colors? This tutorial shows how.

DIY wrapping paper with newspapers

You can also use old newspapers to make wrapping paper. And we don’t mean wrapping gifts in a newspaper. See what we did.

DIY wrapping paper, gift wrap,crafts,  paper crafts, home made

And, we used butter paper/ tracing paper to make this beautiful blue paper. The link for this tutorial is here.

Gift wrap with starry nights paper - The Craftables

Recently, we did this starry nights paper, using old toothbrushes. Here are the details.

Send us your tips and tricks for gift wrapping! We would love to hear them! – RA