DIYs To Try List #1 Ever spent a lot of time pinning tutorials and never actually making them? It happens to me all the time. I will see a stunning tutorial, that I want to try and I’ll pin it. I’ll go back to it again and again, because I like it that much. But, for some reason or the other, I won’t get around to making it (Tell me, I’m not the only one who does this.). So, I recently decided that I’m going to make a DIYs To Do List. 

My logic is that if I put it on the blog, I’ll be extra motivated to work on it. And to make sure it happens, I’m going to check in with you, in a month’s time and let you know how it went. Just to be clear, this doesn’t mean I’m not sharing any new tutorials for the month. These are DIY projects that I’m working on for me, because I like them a lot. Let’s see what’s on the list, for May!

DIYs To Try List #1 // Floral Clock by Lovely Indeed

First up, is this Floral Wall Clock by Lovely Indeed. This is such a creative idea and such a beautiful way of incorporating flowers into wall decor. You can check out the tutorial here. 

Handmade clay pens coverRecently, I worked on these clay pens and I’m quite happy with the end result. So, this month I wanted to make a set in rainbow colours and a matching set in pencils. In the meantime, you can make swirly ones using these steps.

DIYs To Try List #1 // Colouring wrapping paper by Say Yes

Next up, colouring wrapping paper by Say Yes. If there are two things i’ve been constantly drawn towards in the past couple of months, its gift wrapping ideas and adult colouring books. And, this combination of my two favourites is beyond perfect for me. Check out the full post here.

DIYs To Try List #1 // Sun Printing by Monsters Circus

I also want to try out this Sun Printing Tutorial that Monsters Circus shared recently. I’ve never tried it before and it looks absolutely gorgeous. Definitely on my list of new things to try! See the full DIY tutorial here. 

DIYs To Try List #1 // Color Block Chocolate Bark by Paper & Stitch

I’ve been wanting to make this color blocked chocolate bark by Paper & Stitch for weeks! It was love at first site. But, I kept waiting for the perfect occasion. No more. The perfect occasion has arrived and it’s now! See the recipe here.

wooden chopping board for mothers day

My mom has been wanting me to make more of these chopping boards for a month now. She wants to give them as gifts to a couple of her friends, in ombre. And, I think that’ll look pretty amazing. Here’s how you can make it too.

And that is my DIYs To Do List for the month! What projects are you planning to work on this month? Let me know in the comments below.