Block printing basicsIt feels like all my roundups off late are either based on an occasion (like Father’s Day) or based on a theme (like florals). So, I’m all set for a good old fashioned DIYs to try this weekend, which has no underlying similarity. Except they are all awesome!

As always, use the link below each photo to go through the complete tutorial on the original bloggers site. Just click on the underlined portion at the beginning of each paragraph and it’ll pop up in a new window 🙂

crystal planters

DIY Crystal Planters To Purify Your Home by Jojotastic: I’m a big believer in crystal therapy and that the crystal you most need, attracts you towards it. There’s a lot of science behind it and that’s what I love about these Crystal Planters. They’re a beautiful touch for your home and would help cleanse it too! 

DIY ombre block print napkins

Ombre Block Print Napkins: This scorching heat is making me see red! Haha! We went back to an old technique with these block print napkins. And, it was so much fun to do. This set of napkins was all about getting a shaded effect, with traditional indian blocks. 

Meme Cakes

Meme cakes by The Paper Mama: “I will find you and I will eat you!” I don’t know if this is weird or not, but I really enjoy memes. In fact, I’m confident I can have an entire conversation in meme phrases. So, these are definitely the cakes for me! 

DIY Gift wrapping

DIY Floral Gift Wrapping: Speaking of things I enjoy – if it isn’t obvious – I love paint by numbers and printables. That’s why we combined the two to make these paste by numbers pop up flowers. We used the printable for gift wrapping, but these flowers can be used in a whole bunch of ways. 

typography swimsuits

Beachy Typography Swimsuits by Aww Sam: Imagine taking a day off, chilling by the pool with a beer and a great book. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Now imagine that with a customised witty swimsuit that you made yourself! And, it gets even better 🙂 

printable french fries boxes

Mr. and Mrs. French Fries Boxes by Design is Yay:  Just look at these. They’re adorable! And, all you need to do is print and assemble. That’s it! 

road sign bingo for road trips!

Road sign Bingo Game by Paper Crush: What a genius idea for road trips! It’s fun and will keep you preoccupied. I also think, it’s a great way to teach children about safety rules. Download and use now! 
What’s on your agenda for the week? Let me know in the comments below! Have a great weekend 🙂 Bbye!