Earth Day RecyclingToday, is going to be a first in two ways. One, we’re sharing an article that has been photographed and written entirely by my cousin, Siya (she’s 10 and you’re going to be amazed by what she accomplishes on a daily basis! #proudsis). We’re also talking about Bee Nifty for the first time. Bee Nifty is an initiative that Siya (Little Miss Nifty!) started in Gurgaon, India and it’s a perfect example of how you can do so much good and inspire so many people if you make the effort! So, for Earth Day, we just had to share the incredible work she’s doing.  Now, I’m going to let Siya take over and tell you more about little deeds going a long way!

Hi Everyone! I’m Siya, and my aim is to make this world a better place and to be kind to all creatures and be kind to our environment. I like to be creative and try making new things. I love art and craft, because it makes me so creative. I look for ideas on the internet and then I turn them into new ideas and I innovate. It’s almost magic.

Small Actions make big differences

I started Bee Nifty with the support of a few friends in my condo. Bee Nifty means ‘particularly good’.

My friends and I started with filling empty disposable water bottles with cold potable water and distributing it among guards, construction workers and those working under the sun in the hot Gurgaon summers. In summers, we refill water for the dogs outside the City Club and in the Galleria market. This was when I had a really touching incident. One day when I had gone to refill water for the dogs outside my club I saw someone had already put clean drinking water for them. A lot of people were noticing something we had started.

Stalls for handmade pouches

Then I had two stalls during my building fair. I used the profits to feed feral dogs and supported a school called Shraddha in Mumbai, which works with autistic children. They make autistic children do crafts that are sold to the masses. They turn autistic children to artistic.

I also collected fabric pieces to make reusable bags and pencil boxes. The fabrics were donated largely by D.S Textiles. Too many pencil boxes are thrown in the year and me and my friends want to use more than one pencil box through the year. So I made felt pencil boxes with the materials. I have sold more than 200 of them in 3 different stalls. My friends from school and their parents have encouraged us by buying the products. I have also done a new fabric collection drive in Hisar and more bags are in the making.

Recycling for Earth Day

The school had also allowed me to have a stall to sell pouches and reusable bag. Which we made instead of plastic bags. The Bee Nifty stall was on open day and it was a huge success. We donated 10500 Rs. from our collections of the day.

My dad ,my mother and my two best friends Aarushi Gupta and Rhea Datta help me the most. They support me in each and every way. Amrinder kaur Ma’am, Sapna dimri Ma’am, Guneet aga Ma’am,  and Geeta Ma’am have supported me in every way and in each step. I suggested to them that we should do something about the unused pages in the school note books every year. Within 3 days they sent out a circular about a book collection drive.

Handmade recycled products

I think that if we are kind to the environment today, it will be kind to us tomorrow. A few Small Deeds multiplied by Many People All Over The World = Big Changes! Don’t just sit there, GO DO IT !

I am going to be a gynecologist and bring a million babies who are going to be nifty to this world.

I’m having such a proud big sis moment right now 🙂  And I think it’s safe to say Bee Nifty is going to keep inspiring people and doing great work (i’ll keep you posted). Happy Earth Day!