DIY Easter Decoration Garland coverIt’s been a while, since we made a bunting. So, with Easter coming up, I wanted to make a quick garland that could be used as decoration for home. For this DIY, I went back to my favourite craft projects – paper crafts. Combine that with a genuine love for pastels and we’ve got a pretty project to make for the holiday. Without further ado, let’s get started with our DIY Easter Decoration!

easter decoration bunting

I’ll be honest, even I’m surprised with how effortless this project was to make. Many times when we start working on an idea, we go back and forth. Thinking of ways to make it better. But, with this one, things worked out super smoothly. I’m talking, 15 minutes and it’s done! It’s something I could really get used to!

easter decoration for home

Time taken: 15 minutes

Budget: Low


  • 8 sheets of different coloured paper
  • printed paper napkins
  • double sided / normal tape
  • Cutter / crafts knife
  • Thread / Raffia / Ribbon
  • Small clothes pins

You’ll also need, a pair of scissors, a scale, a black marker and a pencil.

How to make an easter bunting


  1. Cut 8 squares of paper (8cm x 8cm). One from each sheet of coloured paper and 8 squares of paper napkins.
  2. Draw a circle on a sheet and cut it out. Use this as a stencil to make the same size circles, in the middle of each of the paper squares.
  3. Using the tip of the blade, carefully cut out the egg shape from each of the paper squares. (don’t throw away the insides! You can use them to make another DIY. Maybe a smaller bunting to go with this one?)
  4. Paste the paper napkin squares on the back of each paper squares. If the paper is too thin, then paste 2-3 squares of paper napkins.

easy easter decoration ideas

5. Decide the order in which you want to place the colours on the bunting.
6. Leaving the corner colours, write one letter of the word “Easter” on each of the squares.
7. Cut out 2 meters of raffia and fold it in half, to make the line to hang the letters on.
8. Use the small clothes pins to pin the letters onto the raffia.

And it’s done! Your Easter bunting is ready 🙂

DIY easter decoration

easter bunting

Let us know what you think of this Easter decoration idea for home, in the comments below! Also, tell us what you have planned for Easter crafts!