How to make terrazzo coasters | The CraftablesOne of my pet peeves is mug rings on any surface. Yes, I’m aware of how much of a Monica, I sound like. But think about it, it’s such an easy stain to avoid. All you need is a set of coasters. Grab one, place it under your mug and voila! That’s why you will almost always find a set of coasters in my workspace. And with my current obsession with Terrazzo, I just had to make a colourful set for my desk.

The great thing about Terrazzo prints is that you have a lot of room to play with. It’s not a precise pattern to follow and you can take a lot of liberties with shapes, colours, sizes etc. So, I’m curious to try it out on other products as well. What Terrazzo themed DIYs would you like to see? Let me know in the comments below!

DIY craft tutorial Idea | Handmade Terrazzo Coasters | The Craftables

Time Taken: 20 minutes


  • Poster Paint
  • 0/1 Flat brush
  • Cork Coasters Set
  • Spray Varnish

In case you can’t find a cork coasters set, you can also cut out your coasters from a cork sheet using a crafts knife and a round bowl (or anything with a round rim).

Craft Tutorial for Kids | Terrazzo Coasters | The Craftables


  1. Plan your colours. You want to start with the colour you want to use the most. As it will be a natural instinct to cover as much of the surface area, as possible.
  2. Using a pencil, lightly draw the shapes on your coasters. You can always freehand it. But, I would suggest trying a few shapes on a scrap of paper, before painting on the coasters.
  3. Start by painting the rim of the coasters. We do this first, so it any of the paint goes over the sides, you can cover it up with a shape of the same colour.

steps to make a coaster set | DIY Terrazzo Coasters | The Craftables tutorial

4. Using as light water as possible, paint odd shapes on your coasters. Starting with the colour you want the most. Try to mix up the shapes and sizes.
Similarly paint the second and third colour. I usually recommend using a light colour paired with darker colours, to show a contrast.
6. Once  dry, flip and paint the backs.
7. Lastly, you can spray a light layer of varnish to lock the colours in place.

How to make customised coasters with paint | DIY Terrazzo Coasters | The Craftables

DIY Craft Idea | Easy to make Terrazzo Coasters | The CraftablesAs simple as that! How do you like these easy to make Terrazzo Coasters? If you make them, please take a picture and send it to us, we would love to see them!