Envelope design

If we think about it, envelopes are the finishing touch to a card or a note. It has this weird ability to make people wonder about what’s in the package. Something that giving a card directly can’t do. And so, it makes sense to have envelopes for your notes and cards. Problem is, for a bulk of handmade cards or handwritten notes, the size of the card changes. Making it difficult to find a matching envelope. So, the easy solution is to make  custom envelope instead.

Here’s an easy way to make the most commonly used envelope design.

Budget: Low

Time: 10 minutes (shouldn’t take this long tbh)

Materials: Paper, Scissors, Glue and embellishments (I used my favorite quilling ribbon)

normal envelope design


  1. Place the card on your envelope paper and move it slightly upwards, so that the bottom edge is larger than the top. However, it should be equal from the sides. Fold the sides over the card and crease the lines.
  2. Cut the edges of the envelope. These need to be at slight angles. An easy way to do this is to draw slight lines from the edges measuring it to the center rectangle. The important bit is that the edges should overlap slightly, so that the envelope is held in place.
  3. Crease the lines again and paste 3 of the sides together
  4. DECORATE and the envelope is ready! As always, I like to keep it simple. But, there is a lot you can do with this. Take the pink envelope at the top. All that is different is that the bow is on the backside of the envelope. Instead of the front. But, by using 2 smaller bits, the envelope gets an ombre effect.

blue envelope steps

Easy right? This is the first of a set of envelopes we made!

envelope design

Tell us how you like this tutorial below. Feedback is always great. Have a great day ahead!