flap envelope - The CraftablesWe finally got around to making envelopes again and this time, we made them multicolor and multi-useful (yes, I know that’s not an actual word).  I absolutely love the design for these envelopes and use them all the time for giving notes and gift cards and cards. They are just really nice to work with and since they are handmade, they match and fit the contents perfectly. Something about symmetry just appeals to me.

Budget: Low

Time: 10 – 15  minutes each

Materials: Paper (of different colors), Scissors, Glue and ribbon


  1. Place two colors of paper on top of each other. Take about 2 cms from the bottom and fold it upwards. Fold the remaining paper in half.
  2. Place the card on the sheet and measure the amount of space it takes. Mark those spots.
  3. Fold the card from the middle and taking about 2 cms of the flap fold upwards.
  4. Paste the flap onto the upper side. You can also cut the purple and stick only the red, if it’s becoming to thick and the edges are untidy.

purple step set 1 for flap envelope - The Craftables


5. Open the envelope & cut the red portion of the bottom fold. This is make the bottom flap, easier to fold & paste.

6. Using the measurements marked earlier, cut the envelope to the size needed.

7. Paste the bottom flap (purple) to the red portion of the envelope. But, use only the edges. This way, the card can be placed inside the envelope.

8. Fold the envelope and embellish the top with ribbon. Or any other decoration. And the envelope is ready!

purple envelope step set 2 - The CraftablesQuite simple, isn’t it? Here’s a link for the first envelope tutorial, if you are interested. Alternately, if you would prefer to place an order for them, please contact us through this link.

envelopes - The CraftablesHow do you like this tutorial? Let us know! – KA