DIY supplies for parties | Emergency Bathroom Kits for Parties | The CraftablesWe know what you’re thinking. Is this idea really necessary? Do I really need to leave emergency bathroom kits for my guests? No, it’s not necessary. BUT! It’s useful. Look at it from the flipside – You’re at someone’s home or at a venue for a party and you suddenly need a safety pin or some deodorant. You can ask around for it. Or you can look through the cupboard in the washroom. Or you can track down the host. All the options sound awkward. So, wouldn’t it be nice if all the things were available to use in the bathroom itself? That’s what we thought – when we first came across the idea. Your guests would also thank you for that little bit of thoughtfulness. And you can rack up those excellent hostess points!

Emergency Bathroom Kits for Parties for women by The Craftables

Contents of a Emergency Bathroom Kits for Parties for Men by The Craftables

What goes into an Emergency Bathroom Kits?

We typically make two Emergency Bathroom Kits. One for men and one for women. As the contents are similar. But not exactly the same. However, if you’re hosting a party at home, one per bathroom is sufficient. To see what goes into each kit, download the list using the link below.


Place emergency bathroom kits for parties for women and men | DIY tutorial | The Craftables

You can always add and subtract from this list. Depending on what your guests may or may not need. However, our suggestions are:

  • Get smaller bottles of each product.
  • Get standardised brands that everyone knows and is comfortable with.
  • Get products which are easily disposable.

Emergency Bathroom Kits for Parties by The Craftables

What should it look like?

There are a lot of ways you can present Emergency Bathroom Kits. If the party has a theme, you can match the same. Or, you can take trays/ baskets from around the house and place them, with a little note (the way we’ve done it here). It can be as simple or as detailed as you like. Just make sure to add a note, so guests know that they can use it.

DIY tutorial for parties | Emergency Bathroom Kits for Parties for Women | The Craftables

When should I make my kits?

If you host parties often, I would suggest having the kits ready at home and make the matching note later. You don’t want to be scrambling last minute, with a hundred other things to do already. On the other hand, if it’s a once in a while event, you can put together the kit 2-3 days before the event.

Easy to put together Emergency Bathroom Kits for Parties for Men by The Craftables

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What do you think of these Emergency Bathroom Kits for Parties? Let us know in the comments below!