free bingo cards printablesWhenever we are working on a game idea, it seems like a stream of thoughts which have been put together. Take this game for example. We started with – let’s make something for Easter. Which then flowed to – Easter means color. And, color could lead to colouring. Colouring is fun for everyone, specially kids. Kids like playing games. Games should be easy to put together. Putting together printables is easy. So, why not make a printable game for kids, that involves colouring and would be fun to play on Easter. Ta Da! That’s how colouring easter bingo came into existence. Scroll on, to see the details!

bingo cards for easter

Time taken: No time at all, it’s a printable!

Budget: Nil


Coloring eggs for Easter

Steps to assemble:

There are three sheets in the Free Bingo Cards Printables PDF attached above. The first two are for cards, that can be printed out for coloring. And, the third has blank eggs that have the names of all the colors that are on the cards – Purple, Pink, Red, Magenta, Orange, Yellow, Green, Dark Green, Blue, Dark Blue, Black and Brown. If you like, you can color the blank eggs like we did. To make them easily identifiable.

That’s it! You have a great game ready to play on Easter!

Easter bingo cards for kids

How to play:

Now, that the game is ready, let’s see how to play it! The rules are simple:

  • Every player gets a card and there is one moderator to call out the colors.
  • Once a color is called out, players need to check their cards and color in the space dedicated to that color. To make this slightly more difficult, all the cards are completely different in design. So, while one player has a smaller portion to color, another may have a bigger portion. It all comes down to luck!
  • Continue filling in colors, till someone gets all 6 colors and completes their egg.

Pretty simple, right? Plus, it’s a pretty quick game, so you can play multiple rounds of it. We played it, over lunch yesterday (for research purposes, obviously!) and things got competitive! We even gave bonus points, for how neatly the egg was coloured 😛

colouring bingo cards for kids

After the game is done, you can cut out the eggs and use them as Easter decorations or keepsakes from the day. My favourite idea is to string up the eggs and make a garland to hang as simple Easter home decor. A colourful reminder of a fun game!

printable bingo cards

Coloring Game for Easter

What do you think of our Free Bingo Cards Printables for kids to colour? Let me know in the comments below or through any of the social media links. Have a great weekend!