Printable Emergency Contact ListHave you noticed that with time, you remember fewer and fewer phone numbers? It’s definitely true for me! If I think about it, the only numbers I remember are – my parents and my sister’s cell numbers. I depend on my phone that much. Which isn’t the best idea because I’m literally stuck, if my phone runs out of charge. So, we figured it’s time to make a printable emergency contact list template. This can be stuck to your fridge or left on your desk in office. I would even recommend, leaving a copy of it in your car. Just so you have a reference point. Scroll on to see more!

For this set, we made 2 emergency contact list templates. You can click the links below, to download the PDFs and print, directly.

General Contacts List

Services List

Printable emergency contact list

Coming to what each list means,

The General Contacts List is to list the immediate contacts that you should know the numbers and addresses for, but never seem to remember. This could mean close friends, extended family or members of a group that you are a part of.

There’s also a section for work contacts, where you can list the contact details for 2 people. This comes in really useful, if you need to get in touch with your manager or your colleague, in case of an emergency.

contact list printable

The second list is a services based list for things things like, medical contacts, takeaway, plumbers, electricians and more. It also lists essentials like police, fire, gas etc.

There’s a lot that can be added to this list. But, that may be very particular to your household. For example, in India, a milkman delivers packets of milk every morning. So, it’s important to know his number. On the other hand, milkmen might not be so common around the world anymore. That’s why, we’ve left a bunch of lines in the general section of this list – to add contacts which are personal to your lifestyle.

Print and Use DIY Printable Contact Lists

With respect to using these lists:

Both these printable emergency contact list templates are A4 sized i.e a full sheet of printer paper. But, you can easily scale them down, by changing the setting on your “To Print” option. You should print them on slightly thick paper, so that they don’t tear as easily.

If you’re using the general contacts list, you can print out multiple copies of the list and clamp / paste them at the top to DIY a notepad. That way, you can add as many contacts as you like.

Contact Lists Printables

How do you like these printable emergency contact list templates? Let me know if I’ve missed out on anything super important and I’ll adjust the list to it. Thanks!