printable gift wrapping paperI’ve got pink on my mind. Pink in all it’s shades. So, I thought this is the perfect time to make a sequel to our pretty in pink stationery set. And this time, it’s all about packaging. I went with gift wrapping for this post, not only because it’s pink (which is totally a good enough reason in itself) but also because Valentine’s Day is almost here. In fact, you probably already have a gift already. Which leaves – giving the finishing touch with beautiful gift wrapping.

print wrapping paper design

With this is mind, we would like to share 4 free printable gift wrapping paper designs. All you need to do is, print it out and wrap it up. It’s that simple!

Vertical Ombre Stripes

Ombre Shaded Pink

Horizontal Ombre Stripes

Geometric Print

free pink wrapping paper print designs

Note: For best results, I would recommend using thin matte paper to print these gift wrapping papers. Because glossy or thick paper would be difficult to fold and the print could crack. Also, the design is in 18 by 12 inches. Which is perfect for a small gift. However, if you like, you can scale it up to print larger sheets. Any local printer would be able to print the paper, easily.

pink gift wrap print design

Because the paper is in the same color panels, you can mix and match the ones you like. I would also recommend using the leftover paper to make a small tag.

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pink stripe print wrap paper

print gift wrap design

gift wrapped in pink stripe paper

Let me know if you liked our free printable gift wrapping paper designs and I’ll do my best to share more. Give me ideas on what you would like to see!