Free Printable Wrapping Paper DownloadsIt’s been all about follow ups and customer requests, off late at The Craftables workshop. Last week, we made a clay pen holder for some pens we made a while back. And this week, by request, we are sharing a second set of free printable wrapping paper (check out the first, ombre pink set here). For this one, we went with a classic navy blue strip print, matching it with various block colors. It’s a very standard print that you can use for any occasion and for anyone. Kind of like Tommy Hilfiger designs. Read on to download and use the paper.

Colourful printable Wrapping paper

To download these wrapping papers, use the following links.

Navy Blue and Red Wrapping Paper

Navy Blue and green wrapping paper

Navy Blue Wrapping Paper

Navy Blue and Yellow Wrapping Paper

Printable gift Paper

For best results, I recommend:

  • Use a thinner kind of paper, anything around 120 GSM.
  • Both matte and glossy paper works fine. But, keep in mind that glossy thick paper cracks when folded.
  • This design is for a full size wrapping sheet. However, it will get scaled down in proportion, if you’re printing it on a home printer.

You can also make beautiful gift bags using these designs. Here are some tutorials on how you can make it yourself. Just make sure to print it on a thicker paper (around 170 GSM) to make the bag sturdy.

Navy Blue Printable Wrapping Paper

We made this set of paper in 4 block colours, red, blue, green and yellow. And personally, I like to use all of them together when I’m giving multiple gifts. For example, if I’m packing 4 small gifts, I’ll wrap them in a different colour and add a simple ribbon to give more finish.

But, you can use them in any way you like. Combining various colours, styles of packing, embellishments, ribbons etc. Or, even as individual gift packets.

stripes wrapping paper

How do you like these free printable wrapping paper designs and what other kind of printables would you like to see? Let me know in the comments below!