We are all rooting for you : Weekend activities ideas

If you think social distancing is boring and you’re tired of being at home, think again! We are putting the yaay back in Friyay this weekend with our super fun and productive ideas. Scroll on to find out more!

Unlike the indoor couple ideas, with these ideas, we’ve kept them all ages. And I can bet you won’t get through all the ideas within a weekend. Are you going to accept that challenge?

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For the first set of ideas, we tried to keep things fun and productive. Sort off. These ideas are to do with things you usually do not get time for. Like pampering yourself with a bubble bath or trying a new hobby.

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While the second list of ideas is pure fun and a throwback to your childhood activities. Like playing ‘Name, Place, Animal, Thing’ or constructing a card pyramid (remember the last time you made one?).

Print or download the checklist and keep it handy, anytime you need a new idea for what to do at home. And if you do, please tag and tell us! We would love to see you having fun and feeling positive.

What do you think about our weekend activities to do at home? If you try any of it, please let us know! We would love to hear from you 🙂