How to make a Barter Charter Game idea + Free PrintablesWouldn’t it be wonderful, if you could exchange one thing you don’t need for something that you do? I think, the old concept of Bartering did have some merit. Though it does take a lot  of ingenuity to get the best deal. Imagine getting 2 oranges instead of your cow. That’s just unfair. So, you have to keep your eyes and ears open when making such deals. And, that’s exactly what we want you to do with this game idea!

Budget: Low

Minimum number of players: 3 teams of 2+ members


How to make a Barter Charter Game idea + Free Printables

How to Play:

  1. Make 3 teams and distribute the cards evenly.
  2. Assign one category – vegetables, fruits and flowers – per team. Ask the teams to distribute the cards within themselves.
  3. Start a time limit of 7-10 minutes. And, ask each team to barter with the others to collect cards of their own category by addressing specific members of the other teams. The aim is to collect all or the maximum number of cards from the given category in the time limit.
  4. At the end of time, the team with the maximum number of cards from their category wins.

How to make a Barter Charter Game idea + Free Printables

Rules of the game:

  • You can only barter upto 2 cards at a time.
  • You can’t lie about having a card. But, you don’t need to show them to anyone else. So, if someone approaches you for a card and you don’t have any, you have tricked the other player into wasting a turn.
  • There are 4 additional blank cards per team. These are bonus point cards. After the time is up, you need to think of 4 more names to add to your category. And you get a point for every name, that isn’t on your list. For example, the flower team can think of Cherry Blossoms to gain an extra point.
  • If the number of people is high, you can double or triple the number of cards. And each team, will have to acquire the complete list. Without any duplicates.

How to make a Barter Charter Game idea + Free Printables

We usually play a couple of rounds of the game and tally up the team scores to see who won. Because, the game plays out very quickly. Especially with bargaining savvy players! So, download the game and play it, the next time you have people over. And, don’t forget to let us know, how it went 🙂

Also, how would you variate this game idea? Send us your suggestions!